Thursday, August 22, 2013

Alkaline Diet Benefits

Foods are said to have alkaline and acidic properties. Our body needs a balance of acidic and alkaline foods in order to function smoothly. In cases where the acids in the body have increased, people switch to alkaline diet. This alkaline diet is made up of certain fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, etc. However, there are no scientific studies conducted to ascertain the alkaline diet benefits. Some believe that this diet is another fad diet followed by some people.

What is Alkaline Diet?

When we talk about alkaline diet and alkaline food, what do we mean? What determines if the food item is acidic or alkaline in nature? It is the pH of the food item that determines the nature of the food. The ideal pH level is 7. Any food with the pH greater than 7 is alkaline and the ones that fall below the pH 7 are known as acidic food items. If the body has an acidic pH level, there are chances of suffering from stroke, obesity, high blood pressure, etc. This makes normalization of the body's pH level, mandatory. In order to do so, it is believed that food items alkaline in nature need to be consumed.

When alkaline food is consumed, it burns in the body and leaves ash or alkaline residue. This residue contains minerals and helps the body restore itself and balances the acids in the body. Cabbage, lettuce, cauliflower, chives, broccoli, celery, garlic, cucumber, radish Brussels sprouts are the foods that are alkaline in nature and are a part of the alkaline foods list. Avocados, olives, coconut oils are also said to be alkaline. These are the food items that are included in the alkaline diet plan. But what are the alkaline diet benefits?

Benefits of Alkaline Diet

Alkaline diet is believed to prevent some kinds of cancers, obesity and allergies. However, the authenticity of this is yet to be determined by the experts. Still, there are several other benefits of alkaline diet. As mentioned above, alkaline diet consists of fresh vegetables, low sugar foods and meat, dairy, alcohol and fungi needs to be consumed in a very less amount. The important point to remember here is that there are no medical evidences to prove the alkaline diet benefits. The benefits mentioned below are based on the reports of the people who follow and believe in alkaline diet.

Health Problems
Due to the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet, the body flushes out the toxins. This prevents the body from suffering from other complications. By consuming alkaline foods, the acidic nature of blood is also controlled. This also prevents further illness caused because of high acidity levels. However, eating too many alkaline rich foods cause high alkaline phosphatase in the blood level.

Acid Reflux
Alkaline diet benefits the people suffering from acid reflux. This condition is normalized by consumption of alkaline rich foods. The alkaline foods for acid reflux, helps relieve the acid reflux in our body.

Loss in Weight
It is believed that alkaline diet results in weight loss. As you consume fresh fruits and vegetables regularly and the meat consumption is low, weight loss is natural. It is believed that increase in the acidic pH of the body is responsible for weight gain. As the acid consumption is low, weight loss takes place. The processed foods and sugars that you otherwise consume, are avoided in this situation and this contributes towards reducing your weight, considerably. Hence, alkaline diet for weight loss is desired.

Energy Levels
Fatigue is a side effect of increased level of acidity in the body. Alkaline food helps you to remain energetic for a longer duration of time. People believe that following an alkaline diet has made them more energetic than the high protein diet that they otherwise follow.

Eating too many high alkaline foods may create problems in the working of the liver, bone conditions, and other health related issues. People have claimed that by following alkaline diet, they have also experienced relief from arthritis pain. As mentioned earlier, there are no experts claiming any specific alkaline diet benefits. Hence, it remains to be seen if following this diet really helps the human body to eliminate painful diseases. However, experts believe and have always said that our diet should be a healthy diet and a balanced diet, a combination of both - acids and alkaline food items. Both are necessary for our body and we cannot claim that acidic diet is harmful nor can we claim that alkaline diet is beneficial.

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