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Celebrity Hairstyle

Jenifer Lopez born in Bronx, New York on July 24, 1969, is the hottest Hollywood actress from the last twenty-five years. She beholds natural beauty and a sense of style. Jennifer believes in change and is always the first to try new fashion trends.

Lopez keeps on changing her image with change in her attire and hairstyles. She gives a completely different, unique and attractive look every time she tries a new hairstyle. Her latest trend is the sedu hairstyle popularly known as Jennifer Lopez sedu hairstyle.

Jennifer sedu hairstyle is now within the reach of women. The secret behind this trendy hairstyle is the use of sedu flat iron. Sedu flat iron, composed of ceramic tourmaline plates, uses a negative ionic technology to generate heat in less than 30 seconds to straighten the hair without damaging the natural hair. The use of this iron gives a soft, silky and falling appearance to the hair. It is advisable to wash, condition and dry hair before using sedu iron for a more attractive hairstyle.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What Is Your Summer Sole?

The summer sun has packed its bags and gone off on its holidays for another year, but we still have some warm memories of the brightest season of all. The World Cup brought us Vuvuzela drones and a whirlwind of colour and excitement - followed by crushing disappointment for followers of England, of course. But spirits didn�t dip too low, the beaches were packed, the sea full of splashy revellers, and pretty much everyone made the most of the available sunshine.

And no summer season would be complete without the easygoing, funky footwear crazes that are flip flops and plimsolls. Leading the way again were footwear giants Espadrilles and Havaianas, whose broad and colourful ranges were seen across the globe. Havaianas in particular had an impressive summer launch in Milan where some lovely models were out and about sporting outfits made entirely of flip flops!

Espradilles, too, came back strong again with its funky and hip range, appealing to a broad market, with many different designs and colours, and related products. Their slip-on design and functionality always puts them near the top of the plimsolls market, but they are facing stiff competition this year, with Flossy Plimsolls emerging as a leading player.

Flossy�s Mediterranean boat shoe style took the Ibiza club scene by storm last summer, and they had another storming season this year. The classic white plimsolls and black plimsolls have become popular for their versatility and superior comfort, with a hip style that can be used anywhere from the beach and gym, to a night out on the town.

As Espadrilles and Havaianas constantly tweak and improve their range to suit their customers, Flossy has kept up, with a new range due for 2011. The style and comfort remains, but the new design is due to be tougher, more durable and refined, with three classic colours: charcoal, beige and navy.

Flossy plimsolls, as with most of the summers leading footwear brands, will be available from the high street shop Office at superb prices. You can also grab good deals at Flossy�s own website flossyplimsolls. Whatever you wear next summer, make sure you do it with style, flair and sole!

Bags Fashion

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Messenger Bags for Men Are

They have been called murses, man-bags, and man-purses. They have also been called a joke at some point, but it looks like they are here to stay. Gone are the days when men only wear belt bags that look like an extension of their beer bellies. In this age of hair wax and masculine vanity, bags are now seen across men�s torsos, hanging under men�s broad shoulders or carried by their gym-toned arms. Bags are not exclusively the province of women anymore.

For Fall/ Winter 2010-2011, luxury brands Louis Vuitton and Burberry came up with so many man-bags, confirming the solid place of this newly accepted accessory in fashion. The 'newly accepted' part is arguable though. European guys have long been wearing bags, and so have the fashion-crazy boys of Japan and Korea. Case in point, David Beckham. But then again, he has also worn a sarong. Among the American men, the bolder ones who dared to be seen with their man-bags are Ryan Reynolds, Nick Jonas and Matthew McConaughey. You can also add Australian Hollywood star Hugh Jackman, as well as Portuguese football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.

Say it with me, it is perfectly okay for guys to carry bags.

For those who are not ready for carryalls, which are huge hand-held bags, I would highly recommend the messenger bags for men. Also known as a courier bag, this design was originally used by postal workers, bicycle messengers and mailmen in general. You can rest assured that the origins of the bag are masculine, and that you are not the first of the male species to wear it across the body.

Perhaps the reason why it has been hugely popular among both sexes is the casual feel the messenger bag lends to any outfit. Wear it with your jeans and shirt and Chucks, and your canvas messenger bag will perfectly belong to the whole look. Wear your messenger bag in brown leather with your black suit and you easily get rid of the very stringent look of your formal wear. Wear your vintage messenger bag with a colored shirt and beanie, and you give off that musician-guy-next-door coolness.

The functionality of the messenger bag is also one of the bag�s highlights. You can walk around and reach for your wallet or phone or book inside your bag, as opposed to having to remove a backpack so that you can retrieve your stuff. A carryall, on the other hand, gives you only one free hand. Your messenger bag can also double as your laptop bag.

Jansport has the Elefunk messenger bags in different colors at less than 50 USD each. A popular choice among the guys is the Timbuk2 brand which is also usually in nylon or PVC or vinyl for that waterproof benefit.

Mid-priced bags are Marc by Marc Jacobs that has a classic black bag that features worn-looking leather which is offset set by its surprising touch of class courtesy of gold-colored buckles. It also has extra straps that will allow you to carry it ala-laptop bag. You can get it for around 450 USD. Ben Sherman and Kenneth Cole also have interesting messenger bags in beautiful leather, and you can take them home for less than 150 USD.

For those who have exquisite taste and want their bags in luxurious leather, Salvatore Ferragamo has the Nomad Messenger Bag which looks timeless and effortless in its beauty. No screaming logos, no shiny hardware, no patent or any shiny leather. You can get it at around 1900 USD. Another high-end favorite is the tough-looking Tod�s Messenger Bag. The dark brown leather is textured such that it looks and feels really sturdy, so you need not worry about looking soft when carrying it. This is available at Saks for 1250 USD.

With all these messenger bags for men around, there is no more point in arguing if men should have bags. The only argument is on who looks hottest with it.

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Jojoba Oil Benefits for Hair

Are you worried about the luster and glow of the hair that has been lost due to regular use of harsh chemicals for different hairstyles. Above that the hair conditioners, shampoos and gels that claim to soften the hair extract all nutrients, ruin the natural texture and leave the hair dry and damaged. Do you want to get back the lost texture and glow without the use of such chemical products? Then, you can try jojoba oil extracted from the jojoba plant, a natural oil that has innumerable benefits associated. The use of jojoba oil for hair and skin care, health and diseases are many. In this article, we will be concentrating on the jojoba oil benefits for hair. Jojoba oil moisturizer and conditioners are the best natural extracts for hair as well as skin. The oil extracted from a plant known as Simmondsia Chinensis is very effective as a hair softener, hair cleaning agent, moisturizer for hair as well as skin and conditioner for hair. Following are some jojoba oil benefits listed for hair.

Jojoba Oil for Hair

Jojoba oil has become a very popular natural oil for hair care. The saga of jojoba oil benefits for hair starts here...

Jojoba Oil for Moisturizing
The inherent structure of jojoba oil resembles the sebum oil produced by the sebaceous glands. Sebum acts like a moisturizer for dry scalp. Jojoba oil, having a similar structure, helps in maintaining the required level of moisturizer in the scalp and thus provides healthy hair. The role of jojoba oil for hair loss is incredible. The regular use of this oil for massage gives strength to hair and makes them break resistant by providing them required moisturizer and thus making them free of split-ends and tangles. When few drops of jojoba oil is mixed with the hair cleaning agent or shampoo, new cell growth are enhanced that make the hair stronger and get rid of dry and frizzy hair.

Jojoba Oil for Hair Growth
As we know the sebum secreted by the sebaceous glands moisturizes the scalp and prevents hair loss, but sometimes its thickened build-up might block the hair follicles that in turn would restrict the hair growth and increase the hair loss. Jojoba oil does miracle in such conditions. It acts as a solubilizing agent and disbands the sticky build-up and diffuses through the follicles. This allows the follicles to enhance the hair growth. Now, you know the contribution of jojoba oil for hair growth, but the list of benefits does not end here. There is a lot more to it.

Jojoba Oil As Antiseptic
Jojoba oil benefits for hair would be incomplete without mentioning antiseptic property of it. Apart from the above mentioned benefits, there are many anti-bacterial and fungicidal properties attached to jojoba oil. It makes the scalp healthy by keeping the diseases like eczema, scalp dermatitis and psoriasis away that are responsible for hair loss. The massage with organic jojoba oil also improves the blood circulation and keep the hair healthy.

Jojoba Oil for Protection and Healing
Jojoba oil is like a protection shield for the hair. Along with the conditioning and moisturizing benefits, it improves scalp capillary circulation. The direct application of this oil attracts dust and dirt and keep the hair in safe mode. If the oil is mixed with other natural extracts like lavender, rosemary oil and comfrey, the benefits would be doubled for healing the hair and providing nourishment. The mixture of jojoba oil with emu oil and primrose oil is an amazing hair care product for healing hair damage.

Jojoba oil is an inexpensive way of bringing back the lost shine and luster of hair. The jojoba oil benefits for hair is not just an end to its beneficial properties, the uses of jojoba oil can be seen in the products like shampoos, conditioners, facial, hand and body lotion, cuticle and nail care products, baby care lotion, creams, cleansers, bath oil and soaps, sunscreen lotions and make-up products. So, use this natural oil that has been bestowed by the nature to mankind.

Home Tattoo Removal

Although doing tattoos is supposed to be a style statement, you might be unhappy with the one you have gotten for yourself or you would think of it to be totally outdated or are just bored of sporting it. Obviously, the only option you have, is to remove it. Removing a tattoo can give you a tough time, though, as much as it did making one! We all know that laser techniques are used to remove tattoos normally, but these might not be affordable so instead, opting for home tattoo removal remedies is a better and economical option. Let's see the different home tattoo removal options you can try.

Tattoo Removal at Home
  • A tattoo removal cream or a tattoo removal balm can work best for removing the tattoos; the most popular being Tat B Gone, Fade Away and Tattoo Off. These creams are essentially tattoo fading creams which are pretty expensive and would take as much as 6 months or more to remove the tattoos. You need to keep the costs in mind while purchasing these from the markets and go for the best and most effective cream.
  • You can buy a tattoo removal solution from a nearby drugstore as well which contains 1% of hydroquinone. This chemical is said to fade tattoos on a long term basis since it is a bleach. Go for Black and White, SkinTx and Fade Gel since these are the best brands in market. You need to use exfoliating scrub and cleanser to rub the tattoo with these. Go through the tattoo removal cream reviews for better selection of creams. This is a popular tattoo removal option apart from laser tattoo removal techniques.
  • Making use of abrasive materials like sand is another easy option to remove tattoos. An alternative for sand would be pumice stone, sand paper or sand powder. Since the tattoos lie on the top layers of skin, this method is effective. Making use of anti bacterial ointment later is important to prevent infection or related problems.
  • Tattoo removal is also possible with the aid of acids though care needs to be taken while handling them since they can damage the skin severely.
  • Also, using table salt or saline solutions is another option to opt for tattoo removal at home which is also an age old method to remove tattoos.
  • If you can tolerate harsh techniques then the magic wand home tattoo removal system which involves the application of wax paper followed by hot iron onto the tattoo to literally burn it off. The burns need to be covered with bandages and to be changed every half an hour. This method is dangerous and involves risk so you need to be a bit careful when you attempt this one.
  • A very easy tattoo removal method to remove tattoos is to hide them. This can be done using a tattoo makeup available in the nearby makeup stores and is particularly done for smaller tattoos. This technique is generally used by all the artists or actors on the celluloid.
Home Tattoo Removal Remedies: Steps
  • Choose the best tattoo removal cream or solution.
  • Clean the tattoo well to get rid of the dead skin cells in the vicinity of the tattoo. This also facilitates the penetration of the cream over the tattoo.
  • Apply the cream over the tattoo. Rub it evenly.
  • Wait until it's dry.
  • Cover it with a cloth or bandage.
  • Repeat the procedure as many times as you can. You would need to wait around 6 months for the tattoo to go off completely. This also depends upon the tattoo size and the cream used.
Ok, so these were the many tattoo removal at home methods to get rid of that unpleasant and outdated tattoo from your body though you need to take utmost care and keep the tattoo removal cost in mind while attempting any of the above methods.