Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Messenger Bags for Men Are

They have been called murses, man-bags, and man-purses. They have also been called a joke at some point, but it looks like they are here to stay. Gone are the days when men only wear belt bags that look like an extension of their beer bellies. In this age of hair wax and masculine vanity, bags are now seen across men�s torsos, hanging under men�s broad shoulders or carried by their gym-toned arms. Bags are not exclusively the province of women anymore.

For Fall/ Winter 2010-2011, luxury brands Louis Vuitton and Burberry came up with so many man-bags, confirming the solid place of this newly accepted accessory in fashion. The 'newly accepted' part is arguable though. European guys have long been wearing bags, and so have the fashion-crazy boys of Japan and Korea. Case in point, David Beckham. But then again, he has also worn a sarong. Among the American men, the bolder ones who dared to be seen with their man-bags are Ryan Reynolds, Nick Jonas and Matthew McConaughey. You can also add Australian Hollywood star Hugh Jackman, as well as Portuguese football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.

Say it with me, it is perfectly okay for guys to carry bags.

For those who are not ready for carryalls, which are huge hand-held bags, I would highly recommend the messenger bags for men. Also known as a courier bag, this design was originally used by postal workers, bicycle messengers and mailmen in general. You can rest assured that the origins of the bag are masculine, and that you are not the first of the male species to wear it across the body.

Perhaps the reason why it has been hugely popular among both sexes is the casual feel the messenger bag lends to any outfit. Wear it with your jeans and shirt and Chucks, and your canvas messenger bag will perfectly belong to the whole look. Wear your messenger bag in brown leather with your black suit and you easily get rid of the very stringent look of your formal wear. Wear your vintage messenger bag with a colored shirt and beanie, and you give off that musician-guy-next-door coolness.

The functionality of the messenger bag is also one of the bag�s highlights. You can walk around and reach for your wallet or phone or book inside your bag, as opposed to having to remove a backpack so that you can retrieve your stuff. A carryall, on the other hand, gives you only one free hand. Your messenger bag can also double as your laptop bag.

Jansport has the Elefunk messenger bags in different colors at less than 50 USD each. A popular choice among the guys is the Timbuk2 brand which is also usually in nylon or PVC or vinyl for that waterproof benefit.

Mid-priced bags are Marc by Marc Jacobs that has a classic black bag that features worn-looking leather which is offset set by its surprising touch of class courtesy of gold-colored buckles. It also has extra straps that will allow you to carry it ala-laptop bag. You can get it for around 450 USD. Ben Sherman and Kenneth Cole also have interesting messenger bags in beautiful leather, and you can take them home for less than 150 USD.

For those who have exquisite taste and want their bags in luxurious leather, Salvatore Ferragamo has the Nomad Messenger Bag which looks timeless and effortless in its beauty. No screaming logos, no shiny hardware, no patent or any shiny leather. You can get it at around 1900 USD. Another high-end favorite is the tough-looking Tod�s Messenger Bag. The dark brown leather is textured such that it looks and feels really sturdy, so you need not worry about looking soft when carrying it. This is available at Saks for 1250 USD.

With all these messenger bags for men around, there is no more point in arguing if men should have bags. The only argument is on who looks hottest with it.

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