Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Home Tattoo Removal

Although doing tattoos is supposed to be a style statement, you might be unhappy with the one you have gotten for yourself or you would think of it to be totally outdated or are just bored of sporting it. Obviously, the only option you have, is to remove it. Removing a tattoo can give you a tough time, though, as much as it did making one! We all know that laser techniques are used to remove tattoos normally, but these might not be affordable so instead, opting for home tattoo removal remedies is a better and economical option. Let's see the different home tattoo removal options you can try.

Tattoo Removal at Home
  • A tattoo removal cream or a tattoo removal balm can work best for removing the tattoos; the most popular being Tat B Gone, Fade Away and Tattoo Off. These creams are essentially tattoo fading creams which are pretty expensive and would take as much as 6 months or more to remove the tattoos. You need to keep the costs in mind while purchasing these from the markets and go for the best and most effective cream.
  • You can buy a tattoo removal solution from a nearby drugstore as well which contains 1% of hydroquinone. This chemical is said to fade tattoos on a long term basis since it is a bleach. Go for Black and White, SkinTx and Fade Gel since these are the best brands in market. You need to use exfoliating scrub and cleanser to rub the tattoo with these. Go through the tattoo removal cream reviews for better selection of creams. This is a popular tattoo removal option apart from laser tattoo removal techniques.
  • Making use of abrasive materials like sand is another easy option to remove tattoos. An alternative for sand would be pumice stone, sand paper or sand powder. Since the tattoos lie on the top layers of skin, this method is effective. Making use of anti bacterial ointment later is important to prevent infection or related problems.
  • Tattoo removal is also possible with the aid of acids though care needs to be taken while handling them since they can damage the skin severely.
  • Also, using table salt or saline solutions is another option to opt for tattoo removal at home which is also an age old method to remove tattoos.
  • If you can tolerate harsh techniques then the magic wand home tattoo removal system which involves the application of wax paper followed by hot iron onto the tattoo to literally burn it off. The burns need to be covered with bandages and to be changed every half an hour. This method is dangerous and involves risk so you need to be a bit careful when you attempt this one.
  • A very easy tattoo removal method to remove tattoos is to hide them. This can be done using a tattoo makeup available in the nearby makeup stores and is particularly done for smaller tattoos. This technique is generally used by all the artists or actors on the celluloid.
Home Tattoo Removal Remedies: Steps
  • Choose the best tattoo removal cream or solution.
  • Clean the tattoo well to get rid of the dead skin cells in the vicinity of the tattoo. This also facilitates the penetration of the cream over the tattoo.
  • Apply the cream over the tattoo. Rub it evenly.
  • Wait until it's dry.
  • Cover it with a cloth or bandage.
  • Repeat the procedure as many times as you can. You would need to wait around 6 months for the tattoo to go off completely. This also depends upon the tattoo size and the cream used.
Ok, so these were the many tattoo removal at home methods to get rid of that unpleasant and outdated tattoo from your body though you need to take utmost care and keep the tattoo removal cost in mind while attempting any of the above methods.

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