Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Men's Bag Is The New Fashion In Pakistan

Bags are a women�s necessary item but now it has also become a necessary item for men. In Pakistan this fashion has followed on as well and you see a lot of men carried bags to carry essential stuff.

The �man bag� has become a bit of a global happening throughout Pakistan of men�s fashion. It used to be that only women in Pakistan carried around handbags and purses but with the needs of the modern man evolving continually, it is often necessary to carry round a form of bag at all times. Think about it � on the way to work in Pakistan you might need somewhere to store a laptop, change of clothes and even somewhere for a few essential grooming pieces. You may still be at university or even college/school in Pakistan in which case it is a necessity to carry around basics for the day and if you are all regulars at a gym/fitness center then obviously you need somewhere for those workout clothes to go.

Having a great bag is no longer a hindrance or associated with low masculinity in Pakistan. In fact it is quite the opposite in Pakistan, and a great leather bag or hold all can really add some class and style to an outfit. Women in Pakistan particularly like a man who has a good grasp of fashion and style without looking like they tried too hard. You don�t want to go the women�s route where by the bag/purse becomes the focal point of your outfit i.e. sequins, studs or multicolored � keep it easy and conventional with a great soft leather or washed canvas bag.

Leather is perfect for professional work environments or a weekend away bag in Pakistan. It is a beautiful material; I have always been a massive fan of the leather jacket to add some edge to a look in Pakistan.

Leather can work with formal or casual looks because the quality of the bag will always shine through � if you rock it with a suit or shirt and tie it will just add class, where as it can completely change the view of a casual outfit from someone who �just threw on a t-shirt and jeans� to a stylish/wealthy/classy male who is having a relaxing day in Pakistan.

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