Friday, August 30, 2013

African Hair Braiding Styles

African hair is thick and difficult to style, as this hair is naturally very curly and not very smooth in texture. If you find to style this hair difficult, then worry not as there are so many braid hairstyles that can make your hair look very stylish and make it very manageable. Here is a list of African hair braiding styles for men and women.

African Hair Braiding Styles for Women and Men

Cornrow African hair braiding styles are very popular braid hairstyles, however these styles are also one of the most painful braiding techniques. Because, to create cornrows the hair is braided very close to the head. These braid hairstyles are popular as African hair braiding styles for kids and adults. You can go to a stylist to get simple straight cornrows, or use your creativity to get cornrow hairstyles of different patterns.

Partial Cornrows
In partial cornrow styles the hair is styled into cornrows which start from the front of the head and end at the crown, and the rest of the hair is left loose. This style suits girls, but many boys with long hair can be seen sporting this style. This hairstyle makes your front hair more manageable, and with half of the hair open, gives a casual, relaxed look.

Dookie Braids
These hair braiding styles are good for people who have long hair. For dookie braids, small braids are created with different hair sections, till all the hair is styled into braids. To make this style more manageable, you can tie all the hair into a ponytail. You can also use hair accessories like rubber bands, ribbons, scarves or beads to make your hair look stylish.

Tree Braids
Tree braids allow you to weave pieces of hair into desired amount of volume and length to your base natural hair. These braids are also popularly known as invisible braids. This style is great for short and thin hair, as it helps to accentuate your natural hair. Instead of spending a lot of money on hair extensions, you can consider getting tree braids which are very affordable.

Micro Braids
To get micro braids, the stylist will work on your hair for hours, but these braids also last for a long period, which makes getting them worth it. One of the coolest African hair braiding styles, you will need medium length hair which will provide more scope to the stylist if you wish to get micro braids. You can try getting basic micro braids, or go with other creative styles of micro braids.

Box Braids
These are quite popular braid hairstyles for black women. Box braids give you flexibility to style your hair into different ways. These braids are not styled on the scalp, which gives a person more freedom for movement unlike cornrows.

These are not exactly braid hairstyles, but are considered as a variation. These black hairstyles can be created at home. Wash your hair and apply a leave in conditioner, then divide your hair into different sections, to get different twist in your hair. For thicker twists, make fewer sections, and for thinner twists make more hair sections. Use a gel to coat a section of the hair, and run your fingers through the hair sections. Then hold the section of the hair and twist it like a corkscrew, and create the twist style. This way, style the rest of the hair sections. You can use hair accessories, like beads to add more to the style.

These were the different African hair braiding styles for kids and adults. So, pick a particular style of braids you like and go to a stylist to get these braids, and enjoy your cool new braids!

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