Friday, August 23, 2013

Beard Grooming

A man's beard has always signified intelligence and masculinity. Be is Albert Einstein or Russell Crowe, beard styling has always fascinated men. We can draw a better picture if we consider the opinion of a woman. A thick unkempt beard hanging long is definitely not approved by women, while a well trimmed stylish beard is a symbol of manliness, as put forth by the female folk. Goatees and French cuts have become popular among teens and adults, alike. Worth to mention, the tips of stubbles hurting mildly while kissing are simply loved by women. Women say, 'they look seductive', while men say, 'I love to hurt'. Whatsoever, your style quotient is, beard grooming is an important criterion to maintain its shape and growth.

Beard Grooming Styles

The male folk is much tempted to adopt different styles for their beard. And you might be the one amongst them! Therefore, you should keep in mind that the style must complement your face. Selection of the right beard style is dependent upon your facial features. So, do not get carried away with the fashion! The latest range of beard styles for men include the following.
  • Goatee Beard
  • Verdi
  • Garibaldi
  • Soul Patch
  • Van Dyck
  • Chinstrap
  • Donigal
  • French Cut
That was the list of the bread trends. They differ in their shape and size. Before getting the perfect cut, let your beard grow naturally. Then go to a reputed men's salon and get it trimmed. You need to maintain the shape by periodical trimming. Apart from trimming, grooming and maintenance are also important to keep it soft and shiny. The guide to bread grooming is presented in the upcoming paragraphs.

Beard Grooming Advice

Why do you need to groom your beard? It's one of positive attributes of being metrosexual. Long, shabby, messy, tuft and coarse beard is repelling. Facial hair in men is annoying if not groomed timely. Men who follow the beard grooming tips regularly, have a pleasing personality. It's applicable to you as well, if you want to improve your appearance and acceptability. So here we go with the easy to do tips and tricks of beard grooming.

Advice # 1
Make a market survey of the beard grooming products. You can get it done either from a professional or do it yourself. Use the scissors used by barbers for proper trimming. You can get the correct beard trimming ideas from a barber and then continue at home. The traditional process adopted by barbers are still popular. Dexterity while trimming is essential to get the correct shape. The other option is to get an electronic trimmer. It imposes better control of hands and swiftness. To maintain the quality opt for cleansing shampoo and hair care products for men.

Advice # 2
The essentials of hair care is required for the health of your beard. Treat your hair just like your hair. Extra care should be given to long beards. Oil your beard while oiling your hair. Clean it thrice a day with a good quality shampoo. Allow it to dry completely and then comb smoothly. Apply gels and serum to hold the style for long time. Make sure you clean the chemicals once you are done with the fashion. A regular beard massage strengthens the roots and improves blood circulation of face.

Advice # 3
The most important factor is hygiene. Beard styles are of no use if its unclean. More often men suffer from dandruff in hair, invading the beard gradually. This is very unsightly and repelling to women. Before you face such a condition, make and effort to keep it clean. Cleanse your beard thoroughly with an anti-dandruff shampoo. Massage with lemon juice to eliminate dandruff naturally. Rinse thoroughly and then condition it. Cleanliness is an important factor of beard grooming process.

I guess the beard grooming tips have proven useful to you. Get the cut and trim it timely. A little care will keep your beard soft, supple and shiny. Feel like a hunk, with a perfectly shaped beard. Impress women with your glamor sense.

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