Saturday, August 31, 2013

How to Look for a Versatile Coach Handbags

If no one would consider the practical reasons of buying a Coach handbag, everybody would surely get those cute pretty Coach bags in Pink or Purple. However, not all are blessed with the means of buying every handbag, therefore we must see to it that we have gotten the best deal out of our money and get a versatile handbag that you could use for both work and leisure.

1. Color
The first thing that you would look at is the color. In finding a Versatile Coach bag, a pink or red bag would not be appropriate. Get something of more natural colors such as black, gold, brown or khaki. Once you have decided the color that you prefer among those three you could start looking for a perfect design. It is very important to get any of these colors especially when you are going to use the handbag for work. They make the user look more sophisticated, serious and credible.

2. Design
You better look for a not-so-ordinary design. You already have toned down on your color preferences therefore you could get those hippy bags without looking overly flashy. Look for a sophisticated bag such as the Patchwork design. A canvass bag with signature C pattern would also be great. You could buy those which have details and scarves for designs. Getting a sophisticated bag would give you more confidence at work.

3. Avoid intricate details
Do not get those heavily and intricately designed bags. The details should be right and not flashy. Usually, overly detailed handbags do not last long in the top fashion handbag trends. The usual designs that last for decades are those simple, yet classy designs. Avoid too many buckles and heavy metal accessories when buying a versatile bag.

4. Consider the type
The type of bag refers whether it is a tote, hobo, satchel or a purse. The most versatile bag is the tote bag followed by the hobo bag. Totes are those rectangular shaped bags that have one or two straps to be worn hanging in the shoulders; while hobo bags are the crescent-shaped bags that are better worn during casual activities rather than formal ones. There are also hobo bags that are appropriate to be worn with corporate attire.

Earning a decent amount of money is not easy these days. Therefore if you are planning to spend it to a designer bag make sure that you have gotten the type that would really make your money worth it. To get a cheaper deal, try checking those Coach handbags that are sold in the internet. There are actually a lot online stores which sell authentic Coach Products. Just make sure that you are buying from a trusted seller or site to make the buying safe.
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