Sunday, August 25, 2013

Modest Wedding Gowns

Your wedding is going to be the happiest day of your life. You will be welcomed into a new family. Everyone will be eager to meet the bride. They'll be eager to see how she looks. And there's no day when a woman looks more beautiful than on her wedding day! Clad in a pristine, flowing wedding gown, she walks down the aisle looking at the man she's going to spend the rest of her life with. The groom, looks at her and is jolted by the stunning beauty that is walking his way. And he blesses the day he met her. For she is a vision in white. If you want to be a bit more creative and unique with your wedding gown, how about some beautifully modest wedding gowns? Want to know more? Just read ahead�

Modest Wedding Gowns 2010

You're not really the frilly and puffy gown type of bride? Are you just looking for an excuse to get away from the cliched flowing bridal gowns? Well I've got news for you! Modest wedding dresses are here to stay! In this article, we'll tell you about how you can go in for some gorgeous and unique modest wedding gowns instead of the contemporary array of wedding dresses available. Just have some faith in thinking out of the box. You'll be surprised by the appreciation you'll receive. Alright! Enough small talk. Let's see some ideas for some unique modest wedding gowns.

Modest Wedding Gowns with Sleeves

Sleeveless, noodle straps, corset wedding dress and other such contemporary bridal dress patterns are pass�. The new age bride may not necessarily want to flaunt off her arms too much. The perfect solution is SLEEVES! If you're comfortable with cap sleeves, just covering your shoulder, then go for it. Other options are modest wedding gowns with long sleeves. Or just mid length sleeves. Have your seamstress make the sleeves of your long sleeve wedding dress out of net. That way, they will cover up your arms, at the same time, giving just a tiny teasing hint of your skin.

Modest Wedding Gowns with Ribbons

Alice need not be the only one with ribbons! Sashay up your modern wedding dress with some beautiful silk ribbons. You can have a wedding theme that revolves around the colors of the wedding dress. For this, you should stick to mellow shades like baby pink and white or baby blue and white. You can incorporate ribbons of these colors effortlessly into your wedding dress. Have a big bow in the center or a pattern using the ribbons all across the lower half of your dress. Avoid ribbons in the bodice. Too frilly!

Vintage Modest Wedding Gowns

Aah! Nothing says sophistication like a modest vintage wedding gown. Scrounge around for some classic vintage gowns. I'm sure you'll fine many stores that offer vintage gowns. If not, then check online for some great deals on cheap modest wedding gowns that are vintage. Have a vintage theme for your wedding. Have an outdoor wedding with umbrellas for the guests' head cover. Arrive and leave in an antique car instead of a limo. Everything at the wedding should perfectly match the classic gown that you're wearing.

So, what do you think? Would you like to experiment with some modest wedding gowns for your wedding. Come on! You only get married once! It will definitely be worth it!

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