Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Something About Pink and Men's Clothing

Pink is a color that is usually used for and by the female gender. Like if the upcoming baby is a girl, the baby items and the nursery will be incorporated with different shades of pink. However, pink is not a color that is only meant for women and girls. Men's clothing can too be pink and it they use the color to their advantage.

When we see the color pink, it gives us quite a calming effect. There is something appealing about a man who wears pink. Men who do wear pink can appear to be bold and confident yet they also exude the air of sensitivity. Some men are however afraid and uncertain about wearing pink. They think that wearing pink would only make them look ridiculous or lessen their masculinity. Just like anything else in life, wearing pink is something that can be done properly and correctly without any ridicule or uncertainty by considering some helpful guidelines.

Moderation is the key to a man who wants to wear pink. You can wear a pink polo shirt and still look very manly. However, do not over do your attire by using a pink handkerchief or a pink belt because other people may think that you are not entirely male. You can use pink accent to your casual attire or formal wear. For instance you can use a pink tie with your white shirt and black or gray suit. Unless you are to perform on a stage or dressing up for an act, a pink suit is surely an extreme use of pink for a man.

Pink usually go well with almost all skin tones. Yet if your skin is too pale, there are chances you might not look so well in pink. When it comes to body type, pink can be worn properly by slender and tall men. Pink does not make a slimming effect on someone who wears it so avoid pink if you are stout and short.

The smartest way of incorporating the color pink in a man�s attire is through stripes. Pink-colored stripes combined with other manly shades like blue and gray is not an eye-sore. You can pair a crew-neck sweater in pink color with black or any dark trousers and women may think that you are sexy.

Wear a pink dress shirt with your dark or black-colored suit as you go to the office. With such attire, you will definitely attract attention because your attire is something that is refreshing and unique. It could be quite boring to always see white dress shirts with suits and thus the pink dress shirt will definitely win you praises.

T-shirts in pink color are also a hit among men especially those who want to show off their muscles. Pinks t-shirts are great to use as expression shirts. Choose a strong or comic message such as "Real Men can wear Pink" and have in printed on the pink tee. There are pink fashion accessories like wristbands or scarves can be a good way to accent a man�s attire.

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