Friday, August 30, 2013

What Attracts Men to Women

Primal instincts are still embedded in the DNA of men and they will always be there... seems so, for eternity. Mating instincts of men haven't changed since the inception of life on this Universe. When it comes to men, it boils down to sex and then some more sex. And with dating being highly overrated and hyped in this era, women going for asset-improvement procedures can't be blamed.

While 'the bold and the beautiful' girl is a dream for every guy, what 'attracts men to women', is purely a subjective question and presents itself to intense scrutiny and analysis. The complexity in coming to an apt conclusion about the question, 'what attracts men to women' in relationships is that, with age, desires, expectations and 'wants' of men change. Being a man, I believe, we can be best classified into three age groups by what men find attractive in women as age advances.
  • Teenage: In these formative years, men yearn for a blonde (that 'complete package' you know � slim, really round and beautiful). Mostly, men get lost in 'matter' over 'mind' during these years. Put forward simply, men hardly know what they want in a women in these years.
  • Adulthood: Now, we understand, we don't want only that S-factor. Our mind and heart start looking out for someone with whom we can share our life. Before going for that run-away word 'commitment', almost every dimension of the girl's personality is analyzed viz., physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social etc., not necessarily in the same order. The criteria for men who want long term relationships are far more different than what men look out for while hooking up in a short term relationship.
  • Middle Age: Freud has given something to men to ponder over (and too some extent get afraid of it) during middle aged years - the mid life crisis. In this age (40-60 years), men instead of making a smooth transition to old age, tend to get deviated towards some extra marital affairs, only to end up creating a mess of their married life.
So, now I have validated a significant point about 'what attracts men to women' - that is age and maturity level in life. But I won't be totally subjective here. There are some things that attracts men to women and they're established facts, some timeless things men love about women. I state here what men want women to know. Know them further...

Physical Beauty
By not sounding chauvinistic and as stated earlier, I would say, the 'complete package' is really a turn-on for guys but we don't over-rate this parameter (at least some of us). This must be equally true for women too, when dating men. We don't want our girl to be a supermodel but we would be glad, if she keeps herself healthy, fit and takes care of her body. It's as simple as that. Otherwise, dreaming of characters of Oscar winning movies and those mentioned in fiction books, would leave us grossly dissatisfied. I would also like to state a very simple fact about 'what attracts men to women'. It is not only physical looks but more often their dressing sense that attracts men. Hiding and flaunting physical assets in a subtle way, really makes a huge difference in a woman's appearance.

Spiritual Beauty
If you ask me, what attracts men to women besides physical beauty, it is - the spiritual beauty of a women. We love to listen to you talking, laughing and expressing yourself. The poise and confidence you show in your personality and the subtle gestures of your eyes, all attract us significantly. But we really don't like dumb girls. On the contrary, we want a woman who is intelligent and can stir our energies to better pursuits than the sole objective of female chasing. An intelligent lady who can really read our minds is a great attraction. Love and care are some other intangible qualities we secretly wish our lady to have in abundance. Ask any macho or alpha men, all love to be cared and desired for, no matter how many girls are there in the bee-line to woo them.

What men like in women is certainly a mix of all qualities that really matter in life. The real beauty of a woman is in her heart and outlook towards her life. If she is the one who can discuss you about anything and everything under the sky, you know you have got that spark to be together.

Lastly, I earnestly believe that 'what attracts men to women' is a question that must be best left for every men to decide as every individual is unique and has his own perception about healthy relationships. Some men, more or less, are equally confused human beings as ladies and so answering the question what men want in a woman is certainly something very personal to each of us. In fact, men often feel better if they're occasionally pampered and assured by their love that she is out there, with him and yeah! The relationship is beautiful.

Women, do make a note of that point. Believe us, we do get ready to be with you (just like you're ready to be with us) irrespective of any of the factors missing in you, cos' ultimately love is also very important for us and we do love you... For men, I have a quote, that I would like to share 'A real men doesn't love millions of girls, he loves a girl in a million ways.'What say guys? Love her in a trillion ways! She is ultimately, your love! This is where I bid adieu to you!

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