Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Story of Gucci Handbags

As we all know, Gucci is the biggest brand of fashion group in Italy, the brand of Gucci handbags is famous for it is high-grade, luxurious and sexy to all the people on the world, it has become the most favorite brand of fashionable society. It is loved by the business man as it�s fashionable and elegant.

The kingdom of Gucci found by Guccio Gucci in the year of 1923, he operated his first shop in Florence, and showing his a serious of significant products, including the most famous bamboo Gucci handbags, from that day on, the brand of Gucci is enjoyed great prestige in the international fashion world. As the time flow away, the shop of Gucci is given the quality of luxurious, sexy and modern.

After the Second World War, the raw material of leather became to be in shortage, the Gucci Company choose the canvas as the substitute of Gucci handbags, the brand of double C appeared on the business bags, hand bags and wallet, in the industry of bags which made up of canvas, Gucci is as famous as LV. At the same time, the Gucci handbags were copied everywhere on the world, in the last one or two decades, the brand of Gucci wasted much money to protect its corporate image. Actually, after year�s production and operating, the brand of Gucci handbags has its own significant classical products, For example, the bamboo Gucci handbags. The product of Gucci handbags are most pigskin product, because the pigskin is always soft and refined.

There are some brand logos of Gucci handbags, the most classical one is the bamboo handle, and the raw materials of the bamboo Gucci handbags are based on the nature, all the bamboo are imported from China and the Vietnam. The feature of not easy to break is based on the natural material and barbecue by handwork.

The trademark of Gucci handbags is based on green red green and blue red blue, and they used these two assembles to identify the natural leather and manmade leather. At the same time, they used the initial letters GG of the Guccio Gucci as the base of product, and used the high-quality cotton yarn as the material to product the Gucci handbags.

As we all know, the brand of fashion is so much on the world, but the style of Gucci handbags is loved by the businessman, that is because the Italia brand is designed in simple, it is fashion and elegant. The unique design and high-quality material made the Gucci handbags as the symbol of elegance and luxury. It is loved by a lot super stars and famous people like Jacqueline Kennedy.

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