Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Changing from Blonde to Brown Hair

Many wonder of changing from blonde to brown hair. The reasons can vary, from individual to individual. Often changing the looks is the reason behind this decision. While blonde gives those bold and hot looks, many would want to get back a soft appearance. While blonde hair color imparts that glam-doll look, brown is a good balance between and soft and flashy looks. So, let's get to know more about changing from blonde to brown hair color.

Dying Blonde Hair Back to Brown

When To Change
Well, whenever you get bored of that blonde look, you can think of changing your hair color. In cases when your bleaching goes really wrong and you end up getting a weird shade, re-coloring your tresses with brown can be a smart hair color idea. Many a times, people end up having orange tone on their hair instead of the much desired blonde, so dyeing them brown is definitely a good and easy option in this case. Also, shedding that blonde bombshell look might be a workplace requirement when you can go blonde to brown hair. Also, when it's time to re-bleach, you can think of changing your hair color to brown.

How to Change
How to get brown over your blonde look is not a tough task. You can either hit a hair salon for this or do it yourself. You have two options while changing from blonde to brown hair. Either cover your entire length of hair in brown of just go for highlights and lowlights in blonde hair. Dual tone hair color can be a good idea to opt for, before completely changing your hair color to this shade. If you are wearing the blonde color for a long time, completely changing it might not be a good option. In this case going for wide highlights, spread all over your hair can be the best idea. Blonde hair with brown highlights looks good and suits everyone. Next time you can further extend these highlights and go complete brown. Remember that choosing the right shade of brown is something that is much important. Here's more about it.

Which Shade To Pick
Remember that often people end up getting a red hue while changing from blonde to brown hair color. If you want to avoid this, it is essential that you avoid the hair color shades that have red undertones. Another important consideration while choosing the brown hair color for your locks is your skin tone. Remember that getting the darkest brown is anytime best option for any type of skin tone. The light brown shade, best suits those with fair and medium complexion. Those who are still confused about getting that brown can check out the golden brown and then gradually change it to darker shades of brown. Remember to avoid using strawberry, auburn, cherry, chestnut brown as these might end up looking reddish on your blonde hair. Medium brown or ash brown is a gook pick.

One of the most important tips for dyeing blonde hair brown is to get advice from your hair dresser. He/she can check the existing shade of blonde and recommend the right shade of brown that you need to get best looking brown hair. Also, when you plan to get highlights or lowlights, it is best to get these done from a hair saloon. Only while you go for a complete dye, doing it yourself can be an alternative, if you are sure about the shade. So changing from blonde to brown hair is definitely a cool way to revamp your looks and personality. So all you blonders, planning to turn brunette?

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