Sunday, August 25, 2013

Flirting Tips for Men

Finding it difficult to attract the most attractive woman you know and think you have begun to like? Wanting to flirt with her but not finding the right ways and words? Well, I must tell you, you are not alone. Most men face the same problem, and one of the most common reasons behind that is, we men are not able to communicate what we want to, through our body language. And that's exactly what girls have a keen eye on. No doubt, we can start a conversation with a girl, but as the 'relationship' progresses, we remain 'just friends' and are unable to get to the next step. This is where flirting helps. But then how to flirt with a girl? How do you know that your actions and words are attracting her to you? The following paragraphs will give some flirting tips for men, so that you know what to do, to get her attracted to you. You also need to look at the flirting signs which would signify whether the girl is interested in you.

Best Flirting Tips for Men

One of the most important things you need to remember while speaking to a girl is not to show your desperation. Women hate it, and is a sure turn off, you can never expect her to be attracted to you. Be humorous, be funny; this would make the girl want to talk to you over and over again. Don't burden her with a serious or controversial topic, as it may portray you as an uninteresting or boring individual.

Confidence is another important trait which girls look for in a guy, so you need to be sure of what you say and do. This is one of the most important successful flirting tips for guys, as girls don't like to 'go about' with a guy having a negative personality. Women are attracted to men who are confident and positive about life.

Complimenting her on her looks and clothes, is another turn on for women. It's not only for men, but one of the important flirting tips for girls as well. When you tell girls that they look attractive, the chances are that, the girl would understand you are interested in her. But you should know when to tell that. Besides, girls have a tendency to talk a lot (though not all). So listen to what they have to say. If you interrupt them, they may not like it.

One of the important flirting tips and tricks is to make the woman feel special. When you are close to your dream girl, make sure you are 'with' her, both mentally and physically. Don't eye other women while you are with her. That will create a very bad impression of you on her and that's a complete no-no if you are serious about getting her attracted to you. Not giving her time and attention would turn her off. Your behavior and body language with other women speak of you and your personality.

Texting Flirting Tips for Men

Try sending her flirty text messages. Take time to think what to send. You can always start your written conversation by asking her about her day. Whatever you talk about through texting, make sure that it does not get too personal, or girls may be disgusted by it. You can send her a flirty text message every day or just a 'good morning' or 'good night' message. This would attract their attention to you. An important flirting tip for texting to remember here is, don't send messages late at night, girls may not appreciate it, unless of course they say it's fine with them. You can also go through these flirting lines for men so that you know what to say and what not to.

Avoid the overuse of abbreviations while sending flirting text messages. If the woman you are sending it to, is not aware of those words, she may not understand, what you mean to say. And that will defeat the whole purpose. Once you send a message, don't send messages in quick succession. Instead, give her time to get back to you. Wait for her response. And if she calls or send a message back, that's a sign, she is interested.

Make sure that you don't misspell words while texting, this can make or break your chances of further advances. While sending a message, it's always better to be slightly indirect, least she takes your advances in the wrong way. It helps because you never know how she would react to your messages, and this would help you flirt without she even realizing what you are upto (wink). There are many other ideas of how to flirt with a girl. Pick the ones you are comfortable with.

So use these flirting tips for men, and see your dream girl take interest in you, and once she is interested in you, you can safely advance to the next step of going out for a date. However, you need to ensure that your dream girl does not take offense of you making any kind of flirtatious remarks.

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