Friday, August 30, 2013

Short Quick Weave Hairstyles

Every woman holds her priceless possession (read hair), close to her heart. Utmost care is taken to maintain one's crowning glory and to enhance one's looks. There are innumerable haircuts and styles which are in fashion and are not only attractive but also give the wearer of the hairstyle a versatile look. One such trendy hairstyle that is high in demand is the short quick weave hairstyles.

This hairstyle was more popular among the African American women as they used weave hairstyles to mask their natural hair which is coarse and brittle, but slowly this hairstyle gained popularity in the rest of the world and now is seen sported by women of all age groups. Hair extensions are used to create hair weaves. These extensions are clipped to the original hair to give it a fuller look and they also add length to the hair.

This glamorous hairstyle is easy to style and requires low maintenance. You can also have your own unique and creative haircut styles and ideas, with variations for weave hairstyles. The best thing about this hairstyle is that it does not cause any damage to your hair and can be taken out with ease when you want to try a different style. There are also straight hairstyles with weaves and contrasting shades for a stunning look. Let us take a look at how to style the classy short quick weave hairstyles.

African American Short Quick Weave Hairstyles

Hair weaves can look good on any type of hair. But one needs professional help in order to get this hairstyle. Braiding, clipping, bonding and tracking are some of the common methods that are used for styling this hairdo. Here are some quick weave hairstyles for women that give an altogether different and fashionable look. Before we take a look at the hairstyle, let us learn how to style this unique hairdo.

Blow dry hair thoroughly after washing with shampoo and applying conditioner. Once your hair is completely dry, cornrow it completely so that none of the fringes are left loose. Cover all your hair with a wave cap and place a paper towel on top. Now keep the other wave cap on top of the paper towel. Make sections of your hair and apply the weave backs. With the help of a bonding glue, attach the hair extensions till you reach the crown. Let the glue dry and once it has dried use a flat iron to secure the extensions from the root to tip. You can now style your hair according to your choice. You can even use a hair styling gel to keep the hairdo in place and give a shiny appearance to your hair.

In case of weave hairstyles for African American women, the hair can be braided in the traditional way and then hair extensions woven into them. For this black hairstyle, apply generous amounts of hair gel to your hair and flatten it with an iron. Once the hair is completely dry, apply a bonding adhesive to the scalp and attach the hair weaves to the hair. Once the adhesive is dry, you can get your hair styled. Enhance this look with bangs and hair highlights for a chic look. For women who love those bouncy curls, there are also curly weave hairstyles, that can give a cute, naughty look to your personality

No matter what your face structure is, these short quick weave hairstyles are tailor made to suit any hair type and face. Since this hairstyle involves a lot of intricate procedures, it is better to go to a professional stylist to help you with this hairstyle. Also practice proper hair care once you get this style done. So, what are you waiting for? Get this trendy hairstyle and get ready to be admired.

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