Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cocoa Butter Lotion

There is so much brouhaha over beauty being skin deep. No offense to the cynics, but beauty is a gift of nature and stands in the eyes of the beholder; nurturing and caring for it is the best tribute you can pay to the Creator! In this context, Jerry Kerr has made a most pragmatic and interesting observation in The Snake Has All the Lines: "I'm tired of all this nonsense about beauty being only skin-deep. That's deep enough. What do you want - an adorable pancreas?" Beautiful skin is a much celebrated asset and a much coveted prize! What wouldn't you do to keep your skin young, firm, glowing and flawless? Well, cocoa butter lotion grants all your wishes for perfect, spotless skin in a deliciously natural way!

Cocoa butter is the edible vegetable fat extracted from cacao beans and is pale yellowish in color. It exudes a mild chocolaty aroma and flavor and is used in the manufacture of chocolate (but of course!), biscuits, ointments, medicines and toiletries such as soaps, moisturizing creams, lotions, etc. It is also known as Theobroma Oil, which translates into "fit for consumption by the gods (theobroma literally means 'food of the gods')". Due to its high antioxidant content which prevents it from turning rancid, cocoa butter is regarded as one of the most stable fats. These very antioxidants and its natural emollient properties make cocoa butter a favorite organic ingredient for beauty and skin care products and is the reason why cocoa butter lotion is such a hit! Enough praising � let's sneak a peek into the treasure house of cocoa butter lotion benefits!

Cocoa Butter Lotion Benefits
  • Fades Out Scars: Does cocoa butter heal scars? Like hell it does! Many beauty and skin experts worldwide recommend cocoa butter lotion for scars and marks. Cocoa butter lotion is strongly recommended as a natural alternative to fade out stretch marks acquired during pregnancy! Isn't cocoa butter for stretch marks a cheap and novel alternative to laser scar removal treatment? Plus, the delicious aroma comes as a bonus! For more information scroll through cocoa butter for stretch marks during pregnancy.
  • Intensive Moisturizing: Cocoa butter lotion is an excellent moisturizer! The hydrating effects of cocoa butter are outstanding! Cocoa Butter ranks high in fat content and melts easily at body temperature, enabling the skin to quickly absorb it. Due to its high fat content, cocoa butter locks moisture inside the skin and limits its loss through the skin's surface.
  • Best Skin Insurance: Its soothing properties give relief to skin irritations like eczema and psoriasis. Organic cocoa butter contains Cocoa Mass Polyphenol (CMP), a compound which arrests the creation of Immuno Globulin (IgE) which is a known cause behind common skin irritations and skin allergies. Recently, it has also been suggested that cocoa butter may have some anti-carcinogenic properties � applying a generous amount of cocoa butter body lotion may actually prevent skin cancer!
  • Soothes the Senses: Due to its chocolaty aroma, cocoa butter lotion is an ideal aromatherapy massage medium. While the masseur's expert strokes relax your muscles, the delectable cocoa butter aroma makes love to your olfactory senses while the lotion nourishes your skin! Mmmm � sinful ecstasy worth indulging in �
  • Breathe Easy: Newsflash: Cocoa butter eases asthma. Yes, it's true and one of the best cocoa butter lotion facts! Immuno globulins may trigger asthmatic symptoms and the CMP in cocoa butter helps check their growth. Rubbing cocoa butter lotion, cream or body butter into the chest helps unblock the bronchial tubes by reviving and relaxing the chest muscles.
Cocoa butter lotion is marketed by many popular names in the world of cosmetics and skincare such as Vaseline, Queen Helene, Palmer's, etc. Besides natural cocoa butter, commercial cocoa butter lotion ingredients chiefly include paraffin oil, Vitamin E, aloe vera extracts, water, glycerin, stearyl alcohol, etc. However, some brands also claim of additional ingredients like collagen and elastin. NOW Foods, Alba, Jason Natural Products and Queen Helene market organic cocoa butter lotions which contain all-natural ingredients. Indulge your skin in the goodness of cocoa butter lotion as a tribute to the timeless love affair between women and chocolates! Give in to the cocoa butter benefits and get skin that looks good enough to eat!

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