Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Toenail Design Ideas

There is one thing that all females no matter what age should know about make-up and that is - it does not start and end with your face. For a woman to be considered well turned out, she has to look beautiful from head to toe. Speaking of toes, attractively done toenails, with some creative nail art designs on them, are fast becoming a rage among women these days. So, if you want to catch up on the trend, scroll down for some amazing toenail design ideas.

Toenail Design Ideas

When it comes to nail art, whether on the fingers or on the toenails, it should always be preceded by application of the base coat. So, one of the most important of nail decoration ideas is to apply a light base coat if you have planned on a dark toenail design or apply a dark base coat if the toenail design is light. Once you are done applying the base coat, you may proceed to creating any of the below mentioned cute toenail design ideas.

Romantic Designs
So, you have a romantic date planned up and want to surprise your partner with a bit of unpredictability? If yes, then use this easy toenail design ideas. Paint your toenails with baby pink color nail polish and leave them overnight. Next morning, put a heart shaped nail sticker in the middle of your nails. Take a scarlet red polish and paint your nails, covering the sticker. Once the polish is dry, take out the nail sticker. And Voila! You have ten pink colored cute hearts staring out from your red toenails.

Feminist Designs
For those of you who want to make a strong feminist statement, this black toenail design will suit the purpose. Take a glossy black polish and apply two coats on your toenails. Let the polish dry. After that, take light colored rhinestones such as yellow, silver and blue, and make a floral design by putting them up in the middle of all your toenails. This nail art design exudes a very bold yet feminine charm!

Dazzling Designs
Want to be the center of attraction in a party? Simple, create toenail designs with nail glitter! Start with painting your nails with a white nail polish. Let the nails dry. Next, mix the glitter in dark blue nail polish and paint half of the nails, preferably the upper part with it. This half white, half glittering blue combination easy nail design is sure to rock the party!

Cute Designs
If you are looking for some cute toenail designs which you can wear to your college, then create this one using flowery nail tattoos. Paint your toenails in a light blue or light green color. Let the nails dry. Next, put a cute white colored flowery tattoo on your toenails. Apply a clear paint on top and that's it. You may read more on nail art designs for beginners. You have just created a simple, regular, everyday look in just three easy steps!

Natural Designs
For women who enjoy the company of nature, here's an interesting toenail design. Apply two coats of yellow nail polish on your toenail. Let it dry. Next take a green polish and a thin brush and make two small leaves on every toenail. You may fill the leaves with a bit of glitter to spice up the natural look!

Crazy Designs
Thinking of doing something crazy? Create this easy zebra design. Paint your toenails with two coats of black polish. Let it dry. Next, take a thin brush and white polish and paint white lines across your toenails.

Here's hoping that you liked the simple toenail design ideas given here. Since you will be making such an effort in creating these gorgeous looking toenail designs, take a few extra measures to maintain them for a longer time. Some of the ways of ensuring toenail longevity are applying a clear topcoat once the nails are dry and regularly giving touch-ups to the chipped areas. If you follow these easy steps, your sparkling toenails will keep adding shine to your feet for a long time!

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