Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Hip Hop Dance Shoes

So Tatum Channing is your God and hip-hop your religion. If you love street dancing, especially hip hop in a way that you cannot describe and every time you hear a hip hop song playing, your body automatically starts grooving to the music, then you are a true blue hip hop fanatic. As in every form of dance, hip hop dance too looks more clean and impressive if the way the dancer moves has quality and grace to it. And there are three things that determine this quality of movement - the dancer, the floor on which he is dancing and the shoes he is wearing. Somehow these three factors play a huge role in ensuring that as a dancer glides across the floor, his movement looks smooth and hardly laborious. Unlike other dances like Salsa, Ballet, Tap, etc which have strict specifications for shoes, there are no hard and fast rules where hip hop dance shoes are concerned.

Hip Hop Dance Shoes: An Overview

Whether you are looking for hip hop dance shoes for kids or for adults, remember that there are no strict rules where hip hop shoes are concerned. The only thing you need to be concerned about when it comes to hip hop dance costumes is comfort. If you are joining a hip hop dance class, you will be able to get on with the class wearing either sneakers or dance shoes that have soft soles. If you are intending to wear sneakers, then ensure that the shoes you wear are not the same ones that wear on the street daily. The sneakers you wear to dance class should not affect the dance class floor in any manner. These are probably the only rules when it comes to hip hop dance shoes. Remember there are no specifically labeled shoes like hip hop dance shoes for women or men. So just opt for a quality, good fitting pair of sneakers for your hip hop classes.

So what do you look for in good shoes for hip hop dancing? Ensure that the shoes are flexible. This is important as there is a lot of feet gliding movement in hip hop and you do not want to be stuck with a pair of shoes that do not allow you to move across the floor with ease. One of the best options for girls and boys hip hop dance shoes are running shoes that are very flexible with arch support. Another variety of sneakers you can opt for are basketball shoes as these allow support for running and jumping. Dance shoes with soft soles are also a great option but this is more true for the most recent types of dance shoes which imitate the style of sneakers with softer soles. There are many stores that keep these soft soled dance shoes and allow you to buy hip hop dance shoes online.

One of the most important things to keep in mind while choosing hip hop dance shoes for men and women is to ensure that these shoes do not stick to the floor or squeak while dancing. Before wearing these shoes for a routine, it is important that you break the shoes in for a week or two. The more wear and tear they have been put through, the more comfort they will provide and the smoother they will be. It is important that the shoes you choose as a part of your hip hop clothing gear fit tightly as loose shoes can be responsible for injury. Also ensure that you tie the shoe laces well. Double knot the laces if necessary and tuck them in so that they do not come in the way. Also make sure that even if you buy cheap hip hop dance shoes, you ensure that the shoes are light weight and do not strain your ankle joints in any manner.

While choosing hip hop dance shoes the most important thing is always comfort. If you are a street performer, there is no ascertaining what your dance floor is going to be, so pick a pair of shoes that feel like an extension of your feet and provide you with complete support and you will be good to go.

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