Friday, August 30, 2013

Fake Piercings

While body piercings are becoming a popular trend the types of body piercing are also increasing. Heard about fake piercings? Well, these basically involve use of fake piercing jewelry which just gives an illusion of piercing, when no hole is made in your skin and no jewelery is inserted. These have become a popular choice of many who do not want to have permanent piercings or who are scared of the alternative. These are easy way to look modish without any pain. What's more, you don't have that free hole, which might look unattractive when you remove the pierced jewelery.

How to Make Fake Piercings?

Fake piercings are easy to make. All you need to do is to get a few materials like craft wire, craft glue, tiny magnets and get started. Yes, of course you can do it yourself. Take a silver craft wire. Make sure that its thickness is same as that of a thin nose ring. Now cut it to have a 1 inch long piece of wire and sand it thoroughly. Sand, especially the sharp ends. Glue one magnet at each end. Bend the wire into a circular shape. Your fake piercing ring is ready to be used. Slightly widen the ring, by pulling apart the ends and wear it. One magnet will stay on outer side and another on inner side. You can have trendy body piercings using this piece. To make it even more trendy, you can twist the wire or add a small bead into it. Try out!

Fake Piercings Jewelry Options

With increasing popularity of fake piercings, the jewelry, an essential of fake piercings has a huge demand. There's a wide range in designs and types available in this body jewelery. From rings to studs, you have a lot of choices. Studs come in various stones and number of colors. While the white stones are most popular, you can go for a colored funky piece as well. These are basically magnetic fake piercings which have one magnet behind the stud and one separate piece of magnet. Fake lip rings, nose rings and earrings are commonly opted pieces. Wearing tongue piercing rings is also a highly popular fashion trend. While some choose to have the simple rings, some opt for the more flashy pieces. These come with beads or stones in between. The twisted rings or broad rings are also bought by many for fake nose or ear piercing.

If you look at the variety available in fake barbells, you are sure to get surprised. Not only colors, but there are a number of shapes in these which look simply awesome when worn. Some have a rounded end and some have a cone shaped pointed end. The press rings without magnets are also used for fake piercings. You have to just wear and press these, that's it! These will look like a pierced jewelery which cannot be identified from a distance. These also come with various designs and with or without studs. You can also opt for the 'U' shaped fake jewelery pieces which are usually used for nose or ear piercing, these stay flush to your skin, but will appear like real piercings. You can also have fake funky earring of medium size, which come in different colors and unique shapes.

If you are wondering where to get fake piercings jewelery, then just check out the various websites, where you can order these. You can also check out nearest shops selling fashion accessories which will definitely have a number of pieces and options in fake piercing jewelery. Let me tell you that the ultimate choice for fake piercings that look real are those pieces with magnets. Get your favorite piece and don that extremely sexy and bold look!

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