Saturday, August 31, 2013

Quarter Sleeve Tattoos

It is a common understanding that quarter sleeve tattoos are always a choice of the "Big Bad Bikers", showing them off on their biceps, with their sleeveless leather jackets. But as much as these tattoos are their favorites, so are they used by many tattoo fans as well. Quarter sleeve tattoos are those which start from a little below the shoulder blades, to cover half of your bicep. They often look like the wearer's sleeve, and these might be either on one arm or both of them. Some people also like getting them on the leg sleeve which is the calf area on the leg. The concept of these tattoos is, that there are many designs entangled within each other to create a network like look, but involves very precise tattoo designs. Some such ideas are mentioned in the coming up paragraphs, so, read on to find your favorite design.

Quarter Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Since quarter sleeve tattoos cover up the entire sleeve area of the arms, as well as the legs, they need to have larger tattoo designs. These quarter sleeve tattoos designs can either be singular or a combination of many other designs made to tattoo the entire area. This is a very interesting mode of art which is being practiced since ancient times in cultures all over the world. Because these tattoos are larger in size and area, the quarter sleeve tattoos cost is a little higher than other small tattoos. Even though getting a tattoo can have many purposes, today, quarter sleeve tattoos are mostly made for their unique appearance. Both men and women can get their own choices of tattoos inked because they look very stylish for those who like the punk way of dressing. Given below are a few such sleeve tattoo ideas, so if you are out of ideas, keep reading!

Celtic Quarter Sleeve Tattoos
Celtic tattoos are one of the most common, unisex tattoo designs found at every tattoo place. This is because they include patterns like spirals, circles, maze work, animal illustrations and other very unique drawing styles. There are many Japanese, as well as Chinese, symbols, texts and structures which are also drawn in these Celtic forms and created as unique designs. You can include any type of designs in these forms of tattoos, which are usually made in black. Usually quarter sleeve tattoos for women and men are made in the Celtic way as these designs are large and cover up the entire quarter sleeve just as required.

Animal Quarter Sleeve Tattoos
Animals tattoos are a much wanted design among many tattoo fans for these quarter sleeve tattoos. This is because, animals and animal parts can be drawn in large sizes and they occupy enough space around the sleeves (arms and legs). There are many animals which are chosen by people for their tattoos, like Koi fish tattoos, dragons, swallows, butterfly tattoos, lion faces, horses, bears, etc. There are many others which are personally chosen, depending on the type of design which they accompany. Animal tattoos can also be combined with many other designs like flowers, scenery, and also made in the tribal tattoos art forms. Since these are quite subtle designs, they can look great as quarter sleeve tattoos on girls.

Symbolic Quarter Sleeve Tattoos
Another great choice of sleeve tattoo designs for both men and women, are those tattoos with meaning. There are many religious symbols found in cultures all over the world, which are known as religious tattoos. These symbols have meanings to them, and can be got if you want to relate to them, for example zodiac tattoos, Greek and Latin alphabets as well as numerical signs, Indian text, etc. These signs which can be combined with other designs bring out many related meanings to the main design. Hearts, doves, angels, skulls, nautical star tattoos, etc. are also symbolic tattoos and stand for many emotions.

Like these quarter sleeve tattoos mentioned above, there are many others which you can come up with according to your own choice. So go find yourself a great design and flaunt that swanky quarter sleeve tattoo in front of your friends!

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