Friday, August 23, 2013

Chocolate Diamond Rings for Women

"Nothing is more romantic than chocolate." - Ted Allen, Queer Eye For The Straight Guy

"A kiss on the hand may be quite continental, But Diamonds are a girl's best friend." - Leo Robin

What can be more appealing and mesmerizing, than the combination of the two most favorite things that women like? Chocolate diamond rings are the perfect combination of what a women desires. It's a known fact that women are difficult to please, but with chocolate diamond jewelry along with a box full of chocolates, you can be sure to leave an imprint on her heart! How are chocolate diamonds different from any other diamonds? Well, the only difference is that their color is like that of a chocolate, shiny and tempting brown! Apart from the color of the diamond, the rest of the traits are like other precious diamonds.

Chocolate Diamonds

Chocolate diamonds were named so by the famous Le Vian Corp and from then on, brown diamond jewelry is famously known to be chocolate diamond jewelry. Chocolate diamonds are mined from the well known Argly diamond mine in Kimberly, Australia, which is one of the largest contributors of chocolate diamonds. Apart from this, they are also mined in Africa and Russia. The shades of brown diamonds vary ranging on a scale of 1-9, where 1 is the lightest shade and 9 being the darkest shade. The brown color of the diamonds come due to the earth pressure which contains deposition of nitrogen atoms on the carbon lattices of the diamond, buried deep down the earth's surface.

Chocolate Diamond Rings

Among the classic collection of chocolate diamond jewelry, you can go for chocolate diamond wedding rings just to be unique and different from the rest. If you don't want to wait till the wedding or be patient enough for him to give you one, why be dependent? Go for a chocolate diamond buckle ring right away! Isn't it a wonderful feeling to own a priceless gem which belongs among the rare creations of mother nature? So don't waste any time and deprive yourself from wearing a beautiful masterpiece of nature's expertise and human art. Don't worry about the price! Compared to colorless white diamonds, chocolate diamond rings are comparatively less expensive but equally sparkling and charmingly stunning! When you choose to buy a chocolate diamond ring, you can opt for natural chocolate diamonds or cultured diamonds, depending upon your budget. Natural chocolate diamonds will be a big deal, but, if you are fine with the man made ones, the chocolate diamond rings for women starts from a range of $500. The choice depends on you, but as far as the authenticity is concerned, cultured diamonds are still genuine diamonds if purchased from a trusted jewelry dealer.

Chocolate diamond rings are available in all the possible designs and patterns a women can ever imagine! Depending on your personal preference and likings you can choose the kind of chocolate diamond ring that you would want to wear on you. If you have these enigmatic brownish eyes, then the chocolate diamond rings will add more charm to your beauty. Otherwise, one amazing trait about the color brown is that they look good on anyone!

Rings which have combination of other gem stones along with chocolate diamonds look amazing and can be teamed up with other jewelry as well. If you are about to get married and looking for a chocolate diamond ring, try a combination of chocolate diamond with aquamarine, it not only looks gorgeous but is also considered to be very lucky! If you want to show off your stylish and feminine side, then go for funky yet delicate designer rings. Another amazing thing about the chocolate colored diamonds is that they look amazing when made with the combination of any precious metal, be it yellow gold, white gold or platinum.

You can try different designs and combination. A big heart shaped chocolate diamond with small white diamonds in the shape of a bow over it, will be a perfect gift on weddings and anniversaries. Whereas combination of various small sized gemstones, or even various shades of brown diamonds designed together will look simply magical and has the potential to attract many people around you.

I am sure after reading so much about chocolate diamonds and seeing so many celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Scarlett Johansson, Gabourey Sidibe, Elisabeth Moss and so on, walk the red carpet dressed up with amazing chocolate diamond jewelry on them, you can't wait to get your own piece! Chocolate diamond rings too are classy, sophisticated and very much in fashion. And you must not only have them because they are the "in thing" these days, but also because the combination of their earthly brown color makes you feel down to earth, and the diamond factor makes you feel like a queen. Which other diamond jewelry can make you feel the same way?

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