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Octopus Tattoo Designs

Animal tattoos have been popular since the ancient times. In fact, when tattoos originated, animal tattoo designs were one of the most common designs, as the tattoo designs of those times were based on the things that were seen in the nature. However, octopus tattoo designs have become popular just recently. This sea-animal has always been in focus due to its unique structure. But what interests tattooers is not just the structure, it is the characteristics of a octopus and also its meaning. Octopus are intelligent and graceful animals. Another unique feature of octopus is its ability to change its color, just like the chameleon! Some get this tattoo inked because octopus is magical, as it disappears in black ink when it is attacked. There are some other octopus tattoo meanings also, they are related to its self-destruction side of personality. Octopus can also get rid of their limbs if they are attacked, the limbs grow back afterwards. This teaches us survival and adaptation. As you all must be knowing, octopus are invertebrates, which makes them very flexible, so they are also a symbol of flexibility. These were some of the octopus tattoo meanings. Let us now take a look at octopus tattoo designs.

Octopus Tattoo Ideas

Classic Octopus Tattoo: Octopus in itself is such a beautiful animal that you do not actually need to beautify it! One important thing that you need to consider before getting an octopus tattoo is the location. As you know, octopus is a huge animal, and if you want a realistic tattoo, you will have to get the entire octopus. This leaves only a few places like the back, arm and belly for this tattoo. These are the locations that provide wide canvas for tattooing. Once you have decided the location, you can work on the design. The design I am talking about is the natural octopus design like depicting octopus in its natural surrounding, i.e. the sea. You can show a big octopus coming out of water or floating on it. One of the popular tattoo designs is, wherein the octopus is playing with fishes. If you wish to give a more aggressive look to your tattoo, show your octopus wrestling with a diver. You can use any color combination for your tattoo, but the popular ones are blue for the sea and orange and black for the octopus.

Cartoon Octopus Tattoo: Just as octopus is a symbol of intelligence, it is also a favorite creature for the cartoonists! You must have seen different types of cartoon octopus in kids animal sitcoms. If you like octopus in a humorous form, you can get a cute little cartoon octopus tattoo. Girls can get a cute pink octopus with doe eyes on their arm, whereas as guys can get a light purple angry octopus on their bicep. If you are a fan of Oswald the octopus, you can depict him on your back! You can also write a cute quote around the octopus to personalize it.

Mystic Octopus Designs: This is one of the famous tattoo designs. You can give a mystic look to your octopus tattoo, for that you can make use of the eight arms of the octopus. As stated earlier, octopus are many times associated with mysticism. So, you can depict your octopus as a hypnotist who is looking at the world with its shrewd eyes. The arms of the octopus have a negative impact as they can grab humans without their knowledge. So, you can show various things in each arm of the octopus. One of the best octopus tattoo designs is different small tattoos combined in one big tattoo, the octopus. You can choose the small tattoos as per your wish.

Other Designs: Besides these designs, there are many other designs available in octopus tattoo art. Like that of the octopus wrapping its arm around the wearer, for that you will have to show the arms of the octopus wrapped around your arm. Or that of a octopus who is about to disappear, make use of black ink, show only the head of the octopus peeping through the black ink. You can also use different colors to depict different emotions through the octopus. You can also personalize this sea creature by writing your name on each of its arm. There are innumerable octopus tattoo designs, all you have to do is make use of your creativity!

These were some of the best octopus tattoo designs for you. You can use any of the above mentioned tattoo designs depending on your choice. You can also use your creativity to make the above mentioned design more personalized. Do not forget to take proper tattoo care, as only by taking proper tattoo care, will you be able to flaunt your tattoo.

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