Sunday, September 22, 2013

Quick Weave Hairstyles for Black Women

Weave hairstyles are popular among black women. Weaves are great for people if they are not happy with the present natural hair. With weaves you can add color, highlights, texture, or any other style you can think of. So, what are weaves? Quick weave hairstyles for black women are basically custom made wigs, and the client can choose any type of hair weave, which is made of natural human hair. Either you can attach quick weave hairstyles for women near your scalp, or add them to your short hair, to increase their length and volume. To get weaves from a salon, can be time consuming and expensive. If you wish to get a hair weave done, but don't have much time or don't want to spend too much money, then quick weave is perfect for you. Here are some more benefits of quick weave hairstyles for black women, and instructions on how to get them, and some other tips.

All About Quick Weave Hairstyles for Black Women

What are the Benefits of Quick Weaves?
The most important benefit of quick weaves, is that you can get them done when you have limited time. You can achieve great results withing a short period of time. Gluing technique for creating quick weave hairstyles for African American women, enables to create weave hairstyle at home. One doesn't need to maintain the hair weave. Hair weave can be taken off without causing any damage to the hair. Here are some tips on choosing hair weave that will help you pick the right kind of hair weave for you.

Choosing Hair Weave
When it comes to choosing weave hairstyles for black women, make sure you go for the best quality of weaves, so that you get a more natural looking hairstyle. Weaves can be very expensive, so be careful while buying them. Remy hair or 100% human hair are expensive and of the highest quality. Also, go for a hair type which can be curly, straight or wavy, that is closest to your natural hair type. Because, if you have extremely curly hair, then going for perfect doll looking straight hair, will give an unnatural look. Some waves or curls will work better.

How to Get Black Hair Weave Styles?
First of all shampoo and condition you hair. Then blow dry them. Then either follow a beehive braiding pattern or spit a pony into two parts and stick it to the scalp using a gel. If you have short hair, then comb them into a wrap style. If you have longer hair, then use lots of bobby pins to secure them. Make sure that your hair remains flat, before you start creating weave hairstyles. Then sit under a dryer and let all the gel get dry. Then wear a wig cap to protect your hair, then place paper towel on them. Again wear a wig cap on top of this layer.

Then measure the hair weft, that is starting near the nape of your head and leave around 2 inches space between the weft and the bottom of your hairline. Measure from one side of the wig cap to the other and cut the weft using scissors. Apply the bonding glue to the weave and stick it directly on the wig cap. Then use blow dryer to set the glue. This way keep sticking the hair wefts till you have completed gluing down all of your hair. Then custom style your hair by cutting it or making a braid, pony or updo.

This was all about quick weave hairstyles. So, use the above steps and tips for creating quick hair weaves for black women. Make sure you choose the quick weave hairstyles for black women which suit your complexion, for a more natural hairstyle look.

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