Saturday, September 28, 2013

School Outfits for 2010

Oh so you admire Gabriella from the High School Musical? Why not, she is definitely pretty and is really an ideal for every high school goer. But that's a fictional story where we see the characters doing everything apart from studying. But you go to school to study so never get ready as if you are going to walk the ramp. It doesn't mean you have to be dull, boring and carry no fashion sense. All you have to do is find the balance between fashion, style and decency. And you can look stylish and decent at the same time. How? For that you have to read further. I will give you some outfit ideas for school that will help you stay chic and will express your style quotient in a subtle manner. Given below are some of the school outfits for 2010 that would make you feel like Gabriella or even better than her.

Popular School Outfits for 2010

Jeans and Ts: This is one of the classic high school outfits that never go out of fashion. It was, it is and it will be an integral part of the fashion clothing for the years to come. Only thing you have to do is choose the right fitting jeans as per your body type. Do not go for tight fitting jeans because its in but see if suits you or not. After all fashion is all about comfort, confidence, and attitude. You can experiment with various designs of T shirts, such as graphic T shirts, different T shirt printings, or girly spaghetti tops etc. You can team it up with colorful sneakers or sport shoes or chic slippers.

Leggings: It is one of the best school outfits for 2010. If you combine it wisely with tops and skirts you are sure to get the heads turning. For example, wear a nice tight half sleeve shirt with a small tight sleeveless jacket on it. Now wear the leggings and a small mini skirt over it. Put on the colorful snickers and you are ready for the school. If you want a little sober look then wear a below the hip length tight long top over the legging and wear a gorgeous neck piece to suit the look. There are various outfits with leggings that give you a different look. To get a new look everyday you can play with variety of colors available in leggings.

Mini Skirts: Well, it is one of the cute school outfits for girls. You can go denim skirts or other types of frill skirts. Team up the skirt with short tops with right accessories. Mini skirts have become an essential part of the teen fashion industry today and so you should have one in your wardrobe. Do not miss out on this hot and most wanted school outfits for 2010. If you are not comfortable with mini skirts then try knee length skirts or just above the knee skirts. But you need to have a lot of confidence to carry the skirts with style and attitude. Apart from this you have the option of choosing from variety of fashion accessories for teens, such as belts, hair accessories, and chic shoes and sandals that help you heighten your look.

Mix and Match: As a student you can certainly not afford to buy a new dress everyday so create a new look by whatever you have. For example, if you have a full sleeve shirt then wear it under the half sleeve shirt that will make a new doctor sleeve top. Similarly, wear a plan shirt inside and wear a bright strapped tank top over it. It gives a different and unique look. Such 'over dressing' will also save you from the cold in winter days. You can try this idea on jeans as well as skirts. You can also experiment with lengths of the boots to get the unique look. On the bad outfit days try wearing different types of caps or hats that steer away the attention from the bad clothes. Also try experimenting with variety of bags that would go with your look.

Aforementioned were just few of the school outfits for 2010, but there are lots more. You can use your creativity and make your own stylish and cute outfits for school keeping up with the latest fashion trends. This will help you make a unique style statement. Now go ahead and rock the school!!!

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