Friday, September 27, 2013

Exercises to Lose Belly Fat for Women

We're all trying to fight the battle of the bulge in some way or the other. It is not easy, and usually the bulge ends up winning. Perhaps we're employing ineffective war tactics which weaken us. It's time then, to try something that is sure to help us emerge victorious in this long battle. Simply put, the approach by women to lose belly fat is usually incorrect. To get rid of it, a combination of various exercises along with a good, effective diet is very important. When considering how to lose belly fat, women usually assume that by performing only a particular type of exercise for the tummy they will miraculously find it flat one morning. However, the process takes a while, and no exercise is effective without a suitable diet. With this in mind, here are some good exercises to lose belly fat for women.

Cardio Exercises to Lose Belly Fat Fast for Women

Before you perform any of the following exercises to lose belly fat for women, remember to perform some of these warm up exercises. These will make your body more flexible and will allow sufficient blood circulation through the body. Warm ups also prepare you for suitable weight loss and make the entire exercising process more effective. Also keep in mind that no one exercise alone can help get rid of belly fat. Only a combination of toning and cardio exercises to lose belly fat will enable it.

Exercise #1: Walking
Yes, it is as simple as this. A daily brisk walk for 45 minutes will not only get rid of all the fat around your belly, but will also enable you to lose weight on other body parts and tone the muscles in your body. The walking exercise is refreshing, it is simple, and all you need is to plug in your iPod and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Exercise #2: Jogging and Running
One of the best exercises to lose belly fat fast for women is to slowly break into running and jogging after walking for sometime. Running increases your metabolism and increases the amount of calories burned per day even when you are not exercising. Again, simply put on your running shoes and go for a nice long sprint.

Exercise #3: Swimming
No exercise can beat the effect of swimming on the body. Swimming offers a total body workout, and you can easily fight the battle of the bulge while having a great time splashing in the water. Of course it is not only one of the best exercises to lose belly fat for women, but for men and kids of all age groups.

Exercise #4: Cycling
Cycling is perhaps one of the most undermined cardiovascular exercises. Cycling daily for about thirty minutes, and slowly increasing the amount of time spent will help you get rid of all the flab around your tummy. If you think you cannot cycle outdoors, invest in a stationary bike, and bring home the power of cycling indoors.

Stomach Exercises to Lose Belly Fat for Women

While the aforementioned cardio exercises will help you lose belly fat, the following abdominal exercises will only accelerate the process along with giving you that desirable, toned tummy you've always dreamed of.

Exercise #1: Air Cycling
Air cycling is one of the most easy exercises to lose belly fat for women. All you have to do is lie down on your back on an exercise mat. Keep your arms next to you with your palms facing the floor. Now lift your legs up to a height where you can move them in the air without hitting the ground while keeping your knees bent. Start imitating a cycling motion while keeping your abdomen squeezed at all times. Do it for as long as you can, take a 15 second break and repeat three sets of 2 minutes each.

Exercise #2: Reverse Crunches
You've all heard of abdominal crunches, but one of the most effective exercises to lose belly fat at home are reverse crunches. Lie flat on an exercise mat, with your ams beside you and your palms facing the floor. Squeeze your abdominal muscles and lift both your legs up together so that your hips are now perpendicular to the floor. If you have difficulty keeping them together, you may cross them at the ankles. Slowly lower your legs back to a 45 degree angle, and lift them up completely again. Do not allow your legs to touch the floor while performing this exercise. Exhale when lifting your legs up and inhale while lowering them. Perform 10 repetitions in 3 sets to begin with, and slowly increase the amount over time.

Exercise #3: Stomach Twist
This is one of the best stomach exercises for women. To perform this exercise, stand with your feet slightly apart. Stretch your arms out before you at shoulder's level, and fix your eyes on your hands. Squeeze your abdominal muscles. To perform the stomach twist, slowly turn only your upper body towards the left and as far as you can, while keeping your eyes fixed on your hands. Exhale slowly in a controlled fashion while twisting. Remain in this position for ten seconds, then turn back to the starting position. Now perform the same movement towards the right. Repeat this exercise 12 times in 3 sets. Breathing right forms the core of this exercise so ensure you have complete control over it.

Exercise #4: Raised Leg Crunches
To perform this exercise, lie on your back on an exercise mat, and place your hands just behind your ears. Squeeze your abdominal muscles. Raise both your legs so that they are now perpendicular to the floor. Now raise your body just like you would when you perform crunches. Exhale as you slowly rise up, and slowly go back down while inhaling. Do not touch the floor when you go back down. Repeat the movements continuously and keep your legs raised throughout. Keep looking up at the ceiling and don't allow your chin to touch your chest when you come up. Perform 12 repetitions in 3 sets to begin with.

These were some good and effective exercises to lose belly fat for women. When performed regularly and combined with a flat stomach diet, you are sure to get rid of the bulge that you have been fighting all along, and get yourself a beautiful, flat tummy.

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