Monday, September 23, 2013

Matching Tattoos for Sisters

Getting inked can have a range of sentiments behind it. Some do it for the thrill, others for the pure joy of the tattoo art, others still to make a feeling or action permanent by giving it the form of something that'll never fade away. The reasons are many and each one of them is important to the people who get a tattoo. And while there are several tattoo designs and forms, the sentiments behind getting these and understanding the tattoo meanings can differ. There are many people who go in for matching tattoos as well to give the bond that they share with the other a new dimension and meaning. I don't really know how people look into the matching tattoos for couples arena, but for me matching tattoos for sisters seems very appealing. The relation that you share with your sister cannot really be described. But having spent your childhood together and having had done so many things together, getting matching tattoos for sisters seems to me like an excellent idea to commemorate that feeling. But matching tattoos like what? Confused? That's why this article comes your way to give you some ideas for cute matching tattoos for sisters.

Ideas for Matching Tattoos for Sisters

It might seem all appealing and all, but if you don't know what to get as matching tattoos for sisters, then there's really no point thinking about it. Don't fret and all now, just read the remainder of this article to get some ideas on how to go about it.

A Common Link
Following a common link that you'll share from your childhood (or otherwise) is a great way to find designs for a matching tattoo. It could be anything from the name of your hometown or a take on your surnames. Something that wouldn't be there if you weren't sisters.

Favorite Verses
Some deep poem from your collection of poems that you'll both love? Get it etched onto yourself with a matching design. Several siblings choose to use short quotes for tattoos as well.

Share a birth month? Perfect! Get a tattoo of your zodiac sign or any other zodiac tattoo sign from the galaxy. Half a sun or the moon or a Celtic star makes for a great tattoo design as well.

Chinese Symbols
Chinese symbols make for really popular and famous tattoos and look really good. Just make sure that you don't get any random design that does not signify anything and use a phrase or words that actually signify something special about your relationship with your sister.

Small Tattoos
When it comes to small matching tattoos for sisters, there are several choices. Here are some that you can look into:
  • A heart with your individual names in the center.
  • Animal tattoos like fish, tigers, pumas, or any other popular animal. If you share a love for animals, then this is a perfect choice for you to make.
  • Celtic tattoo symbols.
  • Tribal tattoos.
  • Tattoos inspired from different cultures like Aztec tattoos Samoan tattoos, Mayan tattoos, Sanskrit tattoos, etc.
  • A butterfly tattoo design is one of the most feminine ideas and a very popular and cute matching tattoos for sisters theme.
  • A rose of different colors is also one of the most popular designs that two sisters can share.
  • Other flower tattoos like the hibiscus flower or any other that talks about your culture could also be a choice to make.
  • Dragonfly tattoos are also a choice that can be looked into because a dragonfly is something right out of your childhood, just like nymphs and fairies and shooting stars.
  • Cross or any other religious symbol inked on the underside of your wrist is a great choice to make.
These were some of the ideas for matching tattoos for sisters. If you have a sister and want to applaud that special bond you share with her, you get yourself a tattoo from among the designs I just talked about. Or you could go in for a completely different tattoo that has drawn inspiration from something you'll connect with. All the best and hope you get a good one.

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