Sunday, September 15, 2013

Exterior House Color Trends

It is really very important for you to choose the exterior paint of your house judiciously. It has been found out that when an average person looks at a house, he analyzes the exterior painting color scheme of the house first followed by the design. You must choose the color carefully to avoid repenting later. It also must be noticed that the color of the house can also reflect the overall quality of the house. Let us look at few of the latest exterior house color trends for 2010.

Exterior House Color Ideas

Several studies has shown that the color of the house has a psychological effect on its tenants. It has been found out that colors can have soothing, calming, relaxing and even healing effects on an individual. It has positive effects, at the same time it can also have negative effects. Few people study color psychology before choosing color paint for their home. And it is not only restricted to interior paints, but it is also being considered for exterior house color trends too.

Making use of Earth colors are amongst latest exterior house paint trends. Earth colors are nothing but Earth tone colors like gray, soil, red brick, stone, brown, etc. These colors not only look good for exteriors, but since they are Earth colors they also resemble nature. White is the quintessential color for exteriors as it resembles purity. It still reigns the chart and many prefer getting their house exteriors painted with white. But then, now exterior house color ideas are evolving and people are now experimenting with colors and trying various exterior house color combinations too.

Exterior House Paint Colors

If you have had your house painted before, you will know how difficult it is to choose that perfect shade for your home. Most of the times people give less importance to exterior paint as compared to interior paint. They often tend to spend more time and energy in choosing paint for the interior and towards the end, they end up choosing any color matching with the interior.

A lot goes into while choosing exterior house paint. Mentioned below are few pointers to remember while choosing the perfect exterior paint.
  • Look what are the exterior house colors of the neighboring houses. Don't get a color which will clash with other house exteriors and make your house stand out.
  • When you're out, notice other houses. See which ones appeal you the most, note down color combinations. If possible take pictures of them and analyze them.
  • Indulge in a lot of research. Go through a variety of color combinations and go through color swatches carefully.
  • Knowing about colors is also important. Dark shades absorb more heat and also fade sooner than lighter shades. And that is the reason why lighter shades last longer than darker shades. Also after getting faded, dark colors are difficult to touch up.
  • There are color limitations for colors too. Hence, it is important to check for manufacturer information about respective color limitations.
  • Choose only superior quality paint so that the paint lasts long. Obviously, for this a lot of research is required.
  • If you've got a bigger house, it will be best to paint it with color combinations. As for a larger house, single color exterior paint will look monotonous.
  • Green color being used as a popular exterior house color. Being amongst Earth colors it resembles nature. It is also important what shade of green are you choosing. Choose the one which is lighter in shade.
  • If the exterior of your house is made up of stone, try to choose a color which is matching with the stone, like gray.
  • Blue is also a popular exterior house color. However, the blue I am talking about has grayish shade and it looks more like a slate. To compliment it you can paint the interiors with natural blue which will bring a cooling effect.
  • Beige exteriors are also quite liked by people. However, while choosing one go through various shades of this color. Also to make it look exciting you can use other colors like orange brown for windows and doors, so that it brings out the accented effect.
  • Most of the popular paint companies come up with color trend reports of the current or the upcoming year. You may want to go through them, so as to know about current and latest exterior house color trends and paint colors.
You can either go with the current or upcoming exterior house color trends or give a personal touch by sticking to the basics. Simply choose a color you like, take a poll amongst your family members, and get the one painted which is liked by all. After all it's your home and the paintingmust reflect a part of you.

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