Monday, September 23, 2013

Bathroom Wall Art Ideas

Great bathrooms having plush designs and a fabulous wall art on the bathroom walls - this great combination can make your visitors turn green seeing how fabulous your bathroom looks. What? Bathroom space is less? No issues! Even though you have a small bathroom, it does not mean that you cannot make it look great. What is bathroom decor there for? You can embellish the walls with walls with wall art, have a snazzy shower enclosure, have a different kind of a bath tub. See how the look of the bathroom changes dramatically. Talking of wall art, for enhancing the wall, I guess you wouldn't mind knowing a bit about bathroom wall art ideas, right? Coming up is the text precisely on that!

Bathroom Wall Art and Decor

Well, there is no no dearth of options when it comes to bathroom wall covering ideas. From simple wall paper to exquisite glass tiles, you can implement a host of bathroom designs and ideas for walls!

Warring Warli
If you can get hold of a Warli artist or you know how to do it, embellish your bathroom wall with warli painting. It has its roots in India, in the state of Maharashtra. It comes from the tribe with the same name. A circle, a triangle and a square is what these paintings are made of and look exquisite and unique. Most of times the base of these paintings are earthen colors and inspired from nature - browns, maroons, blackish browns, greens and so on.

Vanity Fair
Stylish bathroom vanities are next in line in bathroom decor after tubs, commode and showers. Why not get the best, suitable and stylish amongst them? Vanities are an inevitable and cannot be ignored part of a bathroom. Bathroom wall art can very well be a nice and stylish vanity unit. You can get vanities for your bathroom in any shape and size. It will not be hard to find vanity unit fit to your requirements.

Sponge Bob
This one is fantastic as one of those bathroom wall paint ideas with the bathroom wall art ideas. Al you need to do is mix a complimentary color with glaze pour some on a paper plate after that. Before you apply this, paint 2 coats of the base color on the walls. Dip a sea sponge in the mixture in the paper plate and apply after removing the excess.

Picture Perfect
Who said art means only which is grand and eye catching? A day to day thing can also give a dramatic effect to your bathroom and can make it look big too. You can keep a shadow box, have paintings or photographs with black and white combination or something which will add an element of calm or peace to the bathroom. I think this is one of the easiest bathroom wall art ideas you can implement! Bathroom designs for small spaces is all about such ideas!

Color Code
Just painting the wall with a different color or to be specific with a designer color or color which has a specific texture can be a good option for your bathroom wall art. Amongst bathroom wall color ideas, try this one, it is again the simplest thing to do.

Using murals, bathroom wall paper ideas stencils to get ready made designs, glass and ceramic tiles in bathroom wall tile ideas, metal art and many more options can be found getting those walls to look absolutely breathtaking. A unique mirror, decorative, vintage wall clock, stylish ensemble of towel racks and lighting can all brighten and enliven up your bathroom. Furthermore you can also check out bathroom wall art stickers too or you can theme the wall art based on the tapestry and the overall decor! So try at least one of these bathroom wall art ideas!

At the end of the day, comfort and convenience should naturally take precedence over luxury and appearance. But if the convenience and usefulness is taken care of, grab the amazing bathroom wall art ideas to get your bathroom to look as elegant as ever! All the best! I sign off here!

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