Saturday, September 28, 2013

Tattoo Sleeve Shirt

If you are terrified by the idea of getting a real tattoo because of the pain involved and also the permanency of the same, then one of the best options for you would be to opt to wear a tattoo sleeve shirt. A very popular piece of fashion clothing, tattoo long sleeve shirts give the illusion of a tattoo, thanks to the fabric which gives the skin a slight flush. The designs on the fabric look like fresh ink making it seem like you are actually sporting a tattoo. Whatever your excuse for sporting this latest trend in fashion, choosing a tattoo sleeve shirt is a brilliant way of indulging your adventurous self.

A tattoo sleeve is made of flesh toned nylon fabric that is painted on with fabric paints in popular tattoo designs and then worn on the arm to make it look like you are sporting a sleeve tattoo. Tattoo sleeve shirts for women and tattoo sleeve shirts for men are both readily available in the market for prices starting from USD 15. While you can buy tattoo sleeves attached to the t-shirt, you also have the option of buying only tattoo sleeves which you can then team with any t-shirt you want. There are some drawbacks to these tattoo sleeves, one of the foremost being that the tone of the nylon may not be a match for everyone. Also tattoo sleeves tend to get ruined very fast due to snagging. But since they are not very expensive you can easily replace them.

How to Make Tattoo Sleeve Shirt

While you can easily opt to buy a tattoo sleeve shirt from one of the many stores and websites that have it on offer, there are quite a few benefits of opting to make this type of temporary tattoos at home. Firstly you get to make a tattoo sleeve in a design that you prefer. Making your own tattoo sleeve shirt also gives you the freedom of reusing material that have been lying at home and expressing yourself as creatively as you can. And most importantly you save on the money that you would have had to spend on the ready-made variety. So what do you need in order to make your own tattoo sleeve shirt. Very obviously you need a t-shirt, some nylon fabric that is sheer, and fabric paints to make the tattoo design. Given below are the instructions that you need to follow.
  • First of all take the measurements for the sleeves of the t-shirt. The length of the fabric should be from the edge of the t-shirt sleeve till your wrist and the width should allow for it to go around your arm. Allow an extra half inch on all sides for the seam of the tattoo sleeve. Now measure the width of your arm along its length and taper the rectangle accordingly so that it fits like a glove when stitched.
  • Once you have done this it is time to decide on the tattoo sleeve shirt designs. This will completely depend on your choice for the same. Tribal tattoo designs and Celtic designs are very popular but if you want to opt for something unique, go for it. The detailing of the tattoo will depend on how good an artist you are.
  • Next sketch out the design that you have decided on, on the nylon fabric that you have cut out. Do so on both the sleeve fabric pieces. While you do not have to make the same design on both sleeves, doing so will ensure that the tattoo sleeve shirt looks balanced.
  • Now the next step would be to paint the design using fabric paints. Remember to wait till the paints dry before you stitch the sleeves to the shirt.
  • This is the final step for making the tattoo sleeve shirt. Now take the fabric and sew the band on the wrist edge. Next fold it over and sew it length wise. Ensure that the painted side is facing outwards. Turn the t-shirt you are using inside out and pin the top of the tattoo sleeve you have created to the t-shirt and sew along the seam line. There you have it, your very own tattoo sleeve shirt.
This is one of the best options among temporary tattoos that look real. Also if you are planning to get a real tattoo and want to check how it will look, you can design your own tattoo sleeve shirt and have a look. Tattoo sleeve shirts are extremely popular right now and allow you to show off your rocker self.

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