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Fashion Photographers

Fashion photographers have exciting and glamorous careers that come with huge responsibilities. We see their work everywhere; in fashion magazines, advertisements, movies, catalogs, etc. But their work isn't just about shooting in exotic locations and attending fashion shows all over the world. It takes real dedication to do what they do, the countless hours of slogging, and the unbelievable skills needed to be called as one of the top fashion photographers. In the following article, we have listed some of the famous fashion photographers there are across the world and few tips on how to go about becoming one.

List of Fashion Photographers

With thousands of hopeful, talented photographers wanting to break into this high-paying job, it may seem like an easy task. But it certainly is very different from the image fashion photography lifestyle portrays. It's not simple to just knock on any top magazine or editor's door and expect them to hire you. If you possess the right talent, can take negative criticisms in a positive light, and are willing to look beyond the glamorous lifestyle, then you can definitely take a leap into this profession. You can also read more about these famous photographers and their works here.

To be mentioned in the list of high fashion photographers, there are certain steps, a journey that everyone has to take in order to reach that pedestal. It takes a lot of hard work, several rejections, experience, and endless passion to get to the top. And now we will take a quick look at some the famous fashion photographers that let their work speak for them.

Andrea KlarinFrance
Amanda de CadenetUnited States
Andrea MassariItaly
Annie LeibovitzUnited States
Akif Hakan CelebiTurkey
Albert WatsonScotland
Bruce WeberUnited States
Bruno SabastiaFrance
Cyril LagelFrance
Clay PooleUnited States
Claus WickrathGermany; France; United States
David LachapelleUnited States
David SlijperUnited Kingdom
David AnthonyUnited States
David Leslie AnthonyUnited States
Dirk FrankeUnited States
Dirk BaderGermany
Donald McPhersonUnited States
Elio Leonardo CarchidiItaly
Eddie BauteUnited States
Eric StrifflerUnited States
Fabrice HauwelBelgium
Filippo Maria CarotiItaly
Fotodesign M�rzingerGermany
Gabriele RigonItaly
Gavin O'NeilUnited Kingdom
Gaetan CaputoBelgium
Greg PowersUnited States
Gyslain YarhiFrance
Helmut NewtonGermany; Australia
Ian AbelaFrance
James NaderUnited Kingdom
Javier GauleSpain
Javier VallhonratSpain
James HickeyUnited States
Jaap van den BeukelAmsterdam
Jason ChristopherUnited States
Jill WachterUnited States
Josh FisherUnited States
Joseph CartrightUnited States
Marc CollinsGermany
Maurizio MelozziItaly
Michael David AdamsUnited States
Nancy SchoenmakersAmsterdam
Nejat TalasTurkey
Nigel BarkerUnited Kingdom
Nicolaas de BruinUnited States
Oliver PlathGermany
Oleg IgorinUnited States
Quentin ShihChina
RayaUnited States
Richard BernardinCanada
Richard WarrenUnited States
Richard ReinsdorfUnited States
Shaun AlexanderUnited States
Settimio BenedusiItaly
Shaun AlexanderUnited States
Steven LippmanUnited States
Stephane BoursonFrance
Sylvie BlumUnited States
Tarun KhiwalIndia
Toni FrissellUnited States
Victor de MelloUnited Kingdom
Walter EgoItaly
Yanick DeryCanada
Yvan TeuleFrance
Yves LavalletteFrance
Zena HollowayUnited Kingdom

How to Become a Fashion Photographer

This was a short famous photographers list. Now if you have a strong passion towards the world of fashion and wish to become one of these top fashion photographers, then there are some tips you can follow. In order to know how to become a fashion photographer, you need to:

  1. There are different types of photography. So decide what type of fashion photographer you wish to be; high fashion, advertisement, modeling, departmental stores, etc.
  2. Have a dynamic portfolio. It's a photographer's best tool and the only thing the editors and other professionals will see first. You want to be one of the best fashion photographers? Then your portfolio needs to speak on behalf of your work.
  3. You need to have the right kind of equipment; better quality equipment means higher the chances.
  4. And last, but certainly not the least, experience. Keeping yourself updated on the latest equipment, fashion photography tips, and recent fashion events will take you far.
And now we're at the end of our article. Remember, if you wish to be one of the famous fashion photographers, then you just got to go for it. You can't be sitting at one place and hope opportunities will come your way. It's a fabulous life to live, if you have what it takes.

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