Sunday, September 22, 2013

Winter Fashion 2010

The New Year is here with all its charm and upcoming experiences and trends. This article especially focuses on all the upcoming winter trends for 2010. Just have a look and get stylish.

In 2010, over the knee boots will become an essential outfit for many people. These boots will be preferred with jeans, tights, leggings, dresses, coats, sweaters, skirts and rompers. Many fashion experts predict these boots as essential accessory go with all types of clothing.

In 2010, designers also consider leather as the most demanding texture in fashion industry. It does not mean that casual wears are designed with this texture. Many designers have also created feminine and soft clothing with the help of leather. Obviously, this would be a new and emerging trend of the New Year.

Opaque tights will also gain reasonable popularity in winters because of their versatility. Before these tights, leggings were mostly preferred. However, tights are more adaptable and flexible clothing than leggings. Opaque tights may be colored, patterned and glittered. These also look more graceful clothing than simple leggings.

In this year, military fashion of tailored jackets will still continue. These jackets will be popular choice among males. However, the jackets will be designed in British and more tailored look.

In the winters of 2010, tribal, cultural and animals prints with fur and feathers will gain popularity because of the theme of 2010 that is ethnic and traditional uniqueness. Scarves, hair accessories, shoes, bags and gloves will be designed with the help of unique and traditional patterns.

In these winters, the boyfriend blazer trend that was popular in 2007 will be back. However, this year it will have more tailored look with short length. Color theme will also get a sharp change. Previously, these blazers were designed in black and gray tones. In 2010, brighter patterns, textures and colors will be widely used in these blazers.

Use of embellishments will also rise this year. Basically, embellishment stands for decoration. In fashion industry this decoration is carried out with the help of laces, sequences, beads etc. So, bags, scarves, shoes, jackets, blouses, hoods and pants will be extensively designed with the help of embellishments.

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