Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Is Weight Watchers Worth it

Are you watching your weight? My dear ladies and gentlemen, what are you doing if you are not doing that? I mean isn't that we all were born to do? Okay I guess I will cut down on my sarcasm! Keeping tabs on your weight is important, but as much as that is essential, ensuring that you don't just lose weight blindly at the behest of your overall health, is equally significant. However, let us deal with weight loss first as that can itself keep a number of health problems at bay. Weight watchers is such a program, introduced by Jean Nidetech which has weight loss products. Interested? Want to know more about weight watchers and its point system and is weight watchers worth it? Coming up!

Is Weight Watchers Effective

There are a number of considerations which will determine about the effectiveness and safety of weight watchers point system. Not to mention there are these pitfalls and thumbs up points regarding weight watchers as any other diet and weight loss program. Let us see what is the good bad and ugly of weight watchers system.

The Highs
The core of the weight watchers system is group counseling and calorie counting. Calorie counting tell you exactly what you need to avoid and what can you afford to eat. Group counseling and watching and meeting people periodically wanting to lose weight can be really motivating. That can sometimes be very effective. Another thing which makes weight watchers such a rage and so popular with the masses is that it helps lose weight consistently and with a stability. You are expected to lose an average of 2 lb per week, as it is not advised to lose too much of weight in a very short period of time. What is more is none of the food items are excluded from your food list when you are in the weight watchers' program. Rather moderation and will full deprivation is the 'mantra'. You can eat everything, but the catch is for high fat and high calorie foods there are more points and you have a daily limit as to how many points can you consume. Check out weight watchers point system chart for details on the points. This is generally why weight watchers is preferred by many people.

The Lows
Is weight watchers good and is weight watchers worth it is thrown in a pool of skepticism if you consider the downside of this program. We start off with the most important, the fact that it may not be suitable for everyone. There is a veil around the discussion - is weight watchers good for diabetics. If someone under the age of 17 wants to join the program, a written permission will be required. Anyone whose weight is within 5 lb (2.3 kg) of the lowest weight in the goal range prescribed by them, or who has been diagnosed with bulimia nervosa (binge and purge disorder) is unfit for this program. This is the basic thing. In addition to this, to make sure is weight watchers safe for people undergoing a treatment or so, they should consult their doctors before joining. Also, what happens is that some people may not need group counseling and meeting other people for motivating themselves for weight loss. Introverts might not be comfortable with sharing their experience with 10 others.

So these were the pros and cons of weight watchers program and that is how the arguments for and against is weight watchers worth it go. Basically what we have here is when we weigh the pros and cons, the situation is a tie-breaker. There are no program spoilers or deal breakers nor are there factors which make you completely ga ga over the weight watchers point system!

It is a completely personal decision whether you think is weight watchers worth it or not! If you think it suits you, go ahead, if it doesn't, there is no dearth of such programs for losing weight! Take care!

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