Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Brighton Bracelets and Charms

Bracelets are one of the most fun accessories for women and they can be worn by young as well as mature women. There are many different bracelet designs and styles of bracelets available from the simple metallic ones to beaded ones. Bracelets with charms are hugely popular and many women like to collect these kind of bracelets. If you love charms bracelets, then one affordable place where you can get the most interesting designs is Brighton. Brighton bracelets and charms are simply adorable and once you get your hands on one, you won't be able to resist buying more. Brighton bracelets and charms are made in sterling silver as well as silver plated and they are nothing like those cheap trinkets that you get in thrift shops. Brighton charms and bracelets combine great designs with whimsical patterns which are sure to make you happy. Here we will discuss some of the designs and collections that are available in Brighton bracelets and charms.

Designs of Brighton Jewelry and Charms

Brighton was started in as a brand that sold leather belts in the year 1991. Then in 1993 watches, leather handbags, jewelry, fragrances, shoes, home accessories and other small leather good began to be sold. Very soon Brighton jewelry became popular among fashionistas and Brighton bracelets and charms became instant bestsellers. Charms are actually small pieces or items of jewelery that can be linked together to form a complete set of jewelery. A charm is most often used for making bracelets. They are also used for making anklets and pendants. Brighton bracelets made from charms are so popular because the designs of these charms are detailed, unique and very beautiful. The Brighton charms are also of the highest quality constructed out of a variety of metals and they are very durable.

The Brighton jewelry charms often use Swarovski crystals in them to enhance the beauty of the charms. When these charms are linked together to make Brighton jewelery, additional spacers in the form of metallic beads are required. These beads are also made by Brighton jewelery and this is what makes the bracelets so appealing. One of their most popular Brighton bracelets and charms collection is the ABC collection. As the name signifies, this collection has charms that have individual alphabets either as raised or engraved designs in silver. These alphabet charms can be strung together to form either the initials of your name or your whole name. They even have ABC heart charms and ABC alphabets made in enamel. These colorful, enameled alphabet charms are very beautiful and look great as bracelets.

Another great collection of Brighton bracelets and charms is the love and peace charms collection. These peace charms have the peace symbol made in delicate silver, and the love charms come in different designs of heart shapes. Other popular Brighton bracelets and charm designs that have become bestsellers are the tropical fish charms in silver and enamel, shoe charm, butterflies, stars, cupcakes, ice cream, birdie, aeroplane, car and pram. A very good Brighton bracelet with charms is the holiday frolic charm bracelet. The Brighton holiday frolic charm bracelet is pretty and playful and was seen on many celebrities. It features a gingerbread house, a sleigh full of gifts, jeweled ornaments, holly leaves with berries, a teddy bear with movable limbs, and a smiling snowman. This makes it a perfect holiday gift and can be worn all year round.

This was all about Brighton bracelets and charms. Brighton began with very humble beginnings, but gained instant popularity with its superior quality, designs and craftsmanship. These bracelets and charms are truly beautiful and you will always want to wear them.

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