Monday, September 23, 2013

Loft Ideas

Nowadays, when space has become a primary concern while building a house, loft ideas are a great success. The open space can be wisely decorated and can be converted into a spacious and comfortable place to live in. To make the loft attractive and appealing, various loft decorating ideas can be employed to make the place worth living. Here are a few loft ideas for your home, for your kid's room and ideas for a dorm loft. You'll also find loft ideas for converting a garage into an office or an apartment. So, read on.

Loft Ideas for Homes
Creating a modern loft is fun and implementing loft decorating ideas is even more exciting. The contemporary concept of large and open home features with high-ended and luxurious elements for use as well decoration, use of concrete surface that is shiny and reflective juxtaposed to the unique charming furniture is amazing. These features are apt for the redefinition of shabby space left unused in small apartments. More collaborative loft ideas for bedrooms can be employed like a collection of built-in shelves can be installed with stylish storage units that are cubic shaped. The living room should be properly separated from the seating and dinning space to maintain privacy. For decorative purposes, it is better to go for antiques instead of contemporary furniture. The color of the interior should be soft and eye soothing. To give a traditional look to the apartment, hang wooden framed photographs and attractive traditional mirrors to make the loft look more spacious. Loft design ideas for proper lighting like pendent lights and chandeliers are some of the splendid loft ideas to give a royal looks to your loft and spice up the space.

Loft Ideas for Kids
For arranging the kid's room and implementing loft decorating ideas, first you have to consider that a loft bed is a little taller than a bunk bed and safer because of the rails. There are varieties of loft bed ideas for you to choose from. Loft beds are different from bunk beds as they do not have any lower bunk. Instead that space is utilized for storage and to create a study area. The lower area of the loft bed can have few drawers and cupboards at the side for keeping miscellaneous things. A cupboard or a closet sort of space can also be created keep clothes. The empty space on the loft can be utilized as the study area as well. Storage loft beds with desk might serve your purpose of utilizing the space fully.

Dorm Room Loft Ideas
Generally college or university buildings with living quarters for students are small and less spacious. So the loft ideas have to be intelligently planned and implemented so that you have sufficient space to move around. The major area in the dorm room is occupied by a bed. The small space can be utilized in a better way with the use of loft beds or furniture that serves the purpose of storage as well as gives you space to relax. To sit or recline comfortably, keep a small sofa or a chair that is not bulky. For keeping books and your computer system, place a desk that has bookshelves attached to it instead of buying separate furniture for that. Creating a loft bed can serve as the best means for storage too. If you are not able to assign a place for hanging clothes, then fix a rod beneath your loft that would serve the purpose.

Garage Loft Ideas
There are endless loft conversion ideas and options to transform the garage loft. You can either convert the garage loft into a store-room, an extension of your house, an extra bedroom, an office or a studio apartment. If you are planning to have an office set up in your house to do the work at home, you can plan to convert the garage loft into an office or a study room that would keep you away from distractions. Modular shelves can be used that would the serve the purpose of keeping books and files as well as decorative pieces. The size of the shelf should be according to the carpet area of the garage loft. You can go for modular home office furniture. If you want to make a studio apartment or a bedroom out of it, then you need to follow the building codes of your state. For furnishing a studio apartment, first of all separate the living area from the seating area with the help of a false partition either of curtains or mobile wooden planks. Avoid using bulky furniture that occupies larger space. Define a space for kitchenette and bathroom. To maintain the privacy of your house, you can arrange for another entrance for the garage loft.

Apart from these loft ideas you can use your imagination and creativity to make a stylish set up. You can also apply loft furniture ideas to furnish the loft and demarcate it separate from the rest of your living space.

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