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Canary Diamond Engagement Rings

We all know that diamonds make women go crazy! They love it. There are women who hate wearing jewelery, but a nice simple diamond accessory is every woman's wish. Diamonds, be of any color, look extremely feminine and add to the persona of any individual.

Canary Diamonds History

These precious birthstones are known to form 75 to 120 miles below the earth's crust. The high pressures and temperatures of 2000 degree F within the crust, forces many diamond particles to pick up carbon elements and appear colorless which normally many diamonds are, but very few one's absorb other elements and if they pick up nitrogen, they appear yellow and thus called "canary". They derive their color from the nitrogen impurity in the crystal structure. The color intensity of these diamonds depend on the amount of nitrogen present in them.

Canary Diamond Engagement Rings

The canary diamonds are actually the natural yellow colored diamonds or lemon or lemon drop stones, with color grades from light yellow to fancy light yellow to fancy yellow to fancy intense yellow to fancy vivid yellow; they come in five different grades! Canary diamond rings are famous for their unusual colors and characteristics which distinguishes them from the other diamonds. The secondary color stages of these diamonds are greens and oranges and the darker tones include brown. Canary diamond engagement rings look best with white gold or platinum bands. The tiffany settings and the tension settings ring designs look very classy and dramatic on these rings and make the canary diamond stand out. Also, gemstones of orange or red hue or colorless diamonds when complemented with the canary diamond look even more spectacular and eye catchy! A canary diamond studded in a platinum ring is very popular. Canary diamond is one of the rarest diamonds available. Since they are considered to be the rarest of the rare colored diamond engagement rings along with the red and the pink one's, they are pretty expensive.

As I mentioned previously, the canary diamond engagement rings are available in number of shades of yellow as well few one's having the shades closer towards green and orange as well.

Canary Yellow Diamonds Color Grade

Color Grades For Canary Diamonds
Light Yellow
Fancy Light Yellow
Fancy Yellow
Fancy Intense Yellow
Fancy Vivid Yellow

What do Canary Diamonds Symbolize

Canary diamonds are yellow, the color of sun and hence symbolize cheerfulness, brightness, joy and prosperity. It is the color for the Zodiac sign Leo making the individuals flaunt these. Yellow is also the official ribbon color for military support especially for deployed troops, so it's great if you wear these.

Vintage Canary Diamond Engagement Rings

If you have fascination for traditional and classy rings then this engagement ring is for you. The canary yellow diamond engagement rings with the vintage style contain cut yellow diamonds with detailing like caviar beading, raised carved filigree or may be pierced bands onto it which gives the ring a dramatic look.

Princess Cut Canary Diamond Engagement Rings

Now guys, if you are wondering what to gift your spouse or girlfriend, then nothing can beat a princess cut canary diamond engagement ring. These are best to gift your sweetheart cause she's gonna love it for sure! Nothing could be more romantic than this! The design of this ring has the white gold or platinum band tapering gracefully to meet the canary stone held in its V-shaped four prong setting. This is the most classic canary diamond engagement ring type.

Famous Canary Diamond Engagement Rings

Name Of The Canary Diamond Carats
Allnatt Canary Diamond 101.29 carats
Kahn Canary Diamond 4.25 carats
Oppenheimer Canary Diamond 253.7 carats
Tiffany Canary Diamond 280 carats

Canary diamond engagement rings are beautiful and very distinctive than the other diamond rings and they can look their best if you choose an appropriate ring design. The couples can immortalize their love for each other by gifting these expensive elegant rings! Go ahead and purchase.

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