Saturday, September 21, 2013

Black Tie Dresses

Leaving aside the glittering events like Oscars, Film Festivals and Post Launch glittering parties of the movie stars, there are various formal social events that an ordinary person needs to attend on pretty regular basis. Events like wedding, evening party, a concert, formal cocktail party, a ballroom party, etc. require special attention, as far as the dress code is concerned. A black tie attire is often called for on most of these occasions. Looking at the mere mention of the black tie attire on invitation card gives jitters to many women. Since men can easily settle down on a tuxedo or a dinner jacket, which is an ideal black tie affair attire for them, women have to search hard to get the best dress that will make them look special than the rest of the female attendees. If you are one of such women, then you will surely get some help on selecting black tie dresses, in the following section of the article. So, let's get started.

Black Tie Dress Code Etiquette for Men

There are various social occasions that may ask for a black tie attire, including various public or private dinner parties, evening gatherings and other festive ceremonies that mostly start in the evening and have a distinct formal touch. In short, black tie is a formal event that requires special considerations and black tie dress etiquette follow up as far as the attendees are concerned. You need to carefully check whether the event demands, creative black tie formal wear, black tie preferred or black tie optional attire and then start searching for accordingly. If it is a black tie preferred event then you can wear your best formal tuxedo if you cannot afford one, then you can also opt for a suit in any dark color, with a tie of appropriate color. When it is a black tie optional event, then you can wear a black tie tuxedo or any dark colored suit with a tie. Creative black tie is a modern manner to attend a black tie event, wherein you can wear printed and patterned ties along with printed and themed shirts.

Black Tie Dress Code Etiquette for Women

There are various patterns of women's clothing that you can select to embellish that particular black tie event. Women can most elegantly carry this formal dress, in various fashions. Starting from the cocktail dresses, traditional evening gowns, the designer gowns or the classic little black dress. You can select anything from the above mentioned according to the occasion. For instance, if it is a drinks' party, then you can opt for the little black dress. But if you are looking for a black tie wedding dress, then a long and elegant evening gown is all that you need! However, make sure that the evening black tie attire for women that you are opting for are tailored in high end materials like silk, rayon, satin, crape, jersey material, suede, tulle and many other flowy materials. If it is beaded with feminine artistry and materials like rhinestones, small metals, beads, small pearls, delicate embroidery, velvet, etc. then you are sure to be the star of that event.

You can choose any of the designer evening dresses and dress patterns that suit your complexion, body shape, body type and the nature of that black tie event. If you are looking for plus size black tie dresses, then make it a point to stay away from stiff materials and full sleeved dress patterns, since they emphasize the heaviness of the arms and make you look over sized. You may rather opt for dresses made in flowy materials that come with less frills. Or you can also choose ruched, draped and gathered dress patterns, with 'v' necks and deep neck cocktail dresses, since they make you look thinner. No matter which one of the black tie dresses that you choose, make sure that they are accompanied with some matching fashion accessories. Some basic most things include having a natural makeup with matching lip and nail color look best.

You can opt for lighter lipstick shades and more highlighted eye makeup. Choose minimal jewelry, which won't overwhelm your outfit. Choose jewelry that highlight your dress. You can opt for delicate diamond or pearl jewelry, a charm bracelet, etc. When it comes to handbags, a small clutch in matching color shade is all that you need. While for footwear, you can opt for strappy sandals, slipper mules, open toes shoes, etc. which are some of the excellent choices to wear with black tie dresses. All the best for the event!

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