Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tattoo Placement

Tattoos are a legend as they have been one of the oldest traditions found all across the world. People have had tattoos for various purposes like identification, memory, belonging, etc., but today these are simply used as style quotients. When you select a tattoo, there are a few factors which are thought about, like the designs, it's meaning and of course tattoo placement. For some people, only the tattoo is meaningful, but for a few others, the tattoo placement meaning is also important. Therefore, if you are someone who is picky about your tattoo's place, find the right one from the ones mentioned below.

Tattoo Placement Ideas

There are many choices you can have for placing your tattoo, but when it comes to choosing these for yourself, it's often very confusing. As hard as it is to choose tattoo designs, it is to choose tattoo placement. The most important thing you have to keep in mind while deciding on your tattoo place is, that it shouldn't be on a bone or a sensitive area because these can be very painful places for a tattoo. Since, tattoo care is also a factor you have to keep in mind, it is always advisable to go for a safer and healthier area. The size of the tattoo also matters while picking an area. Bigger tattoos look better on broader areas and smaller ones on slender areas. Mentioned below are a few tattoo placement for women and men ideas, for you to make your choice from, take a look!

Upper Body Tattoo Placements

Back: To start with some of the most common tattoo placement areas, the upper body areas like the back are the best choices. For bigger sized designs like wings, dragon tattoos, tree tattoos, etc., the back can provide enough surface area to occupy the entire design. Lower back tattoos are also great options on the back.

Shoulders: For your shoulders and shoulder blades, there are other semi-large tattoo designs which look very attractive on it. Many guys like to have designs like the Celtic tattoos and tribal tattoos on the shoulder blades which can extend to the sleeve areas. These are however good for smaller and medium designs which can be easily noticed.

Hands: The sleeves, forearms and the wrists are also great tattoo placement areas where a number of designs can be inked. The bands of the arms are often guys picks, so that they give a macho look on vests and tee-shirts! Similarly, wrist tattoos are also great places as they are safe, visible, and exposed.

Face: There are many people, who prefer facial tattoos which are not recommended usually, but depending on your endurance levels, you can take the risk. There are people who prefer lip tattoos, which are not advisable.

Neck: The neck and lower neck tattoos are a better option than the face, because these places have enough space and strength to tolerate a tattoo. Smaller designs like stars, and zodiac tattoos are always a preferred design around the neck.

Stomach and Hip: The stomach and hip is in the abdominal region of the body where there are bones and organs, which you have to be careful with. Even though these areas are a little sensitive, they also have muscles on them, which can be useful for small stomach tattoo designs. The hip tattoos are a safer option than the stomach ones, and look better on girls.

Lower Body Tattoo Placements

Legs: The legs include quite a large area for getting large and medium tattoos. The thighs, though not a very common area, are good places for a tattoo, because of the muscles. The calf and the lower leg areas are also good choices, since they are exposed and open. A lot of women specially, like to have ankle tattoos as they look very attractive and trendy, but these tattoos tend to fade away very quickly.

Feet: The feet are very rarely tattooed but preferred by many women and men. These regions are completely bony and getting a tattoo here, means a painful experience. Thus, tattooers advise getting very small tattoo designs made around the feet. This is also not advisable, because your feet are exposed to water very often and thus your tattoos can fade very fast.

With these versatile tattoo placement areas around the body, you can make your choice thinking about a lot of factors. So, when you pick the design, make sure you pick the right place for it too!

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