Sunday, September 1, 2013

Evil Tattoos

With the increasing popularity of tattoos, tattoo lovers are constantly in search of new tattoo designs. It is almost impossible to take a look at all the available tattoo designs and decide just one. That is why tattoos are divided in categories. There are various categories like animal tattoos, bird tattoos, flower tattoos, etc. The categories are not limited to just concrete things. Human feelings, emotions and qualities also form categories of tattoos. For example evil tattoos. Evil tattoos is one of the popular choices of many, surprising, isn't it! Now no tattoo is evil or good, it is the specific symbol that decides its quality. Skull, devil horns are some things that help to make a tattoo evil. Evil tattoos are generally done to indicate danger. But sometimes they can also be done to symbolize humor, it all depends on how you portray your tattoo. I am sure you must be wondering which are the best evil tattoos, so without delaying further, let's take a peekaboo in the dark world now!

Dark Evil Tattoos

Skull Tattoos: When it comes to evil, the very first thing that comes to our mind is a scary skull! The eerie effect of skull starts right from the biology class, when you see the whole skeleton for the first time! Depicting a skull tattoo as evil is not at all difficult. Even if you show the classic skull with crossbones, it will be regarded as evil. You can however use many other designs for your skull tattoos for girls. One of the popular tattoo design is the tribal skull tattoo design. You do not need to beautify this design as the broad strokes of the tribal tattoo are enough. For simple skull tattoo designs, you can add fire in the background. You can also personalize your skull tattoo by adding your name around the tattoo! Mexican skull tattoos are also quite popular, there are many designs available in a Mexican skull tattoo.

Grim Reaper: I am sure grim reapers must have haunted your dreams as kids! Grim reaper is one of the most scary evil tattoos for men, which is why it is also one of the most popular tattoos. They are dark, they are mysterious and they carry a scythe, what else can be scarier than this! To maintain the 'beauty' of the grim reaper tattoo, it is best to get it done in its classic look. Just add a black shadowy background to your grim tattoo and you are done. However you can add elements like skull and crossbones to your grim reaper tattoo to make it more scary.

Vampire Evil Tattoos: With so many vampire movies around, vampire tattoos are the hot favorite, especially of teenagers! Though you are likely in love with a vampire, you must surely be aware of the the fact that vampires are 'evil', so you need to depict a vampire in that way in your good and evil tattoo. You can either depict an entire vampire with its famous teeth or only show the vampire bite. Vampire bite is nothing but two red dots, which seem to ooze blood. The design will depend on the location, if you are thinking of an entire vampire with its black robe and all, you will need to get it on your back or arm. For vampire bite tattoo, the best location is obviously the neck or nape!

Occult Tattoos: There are many occult symbols which actually mean evil. Most of the times these symbols are associated with witchcraft, so think twice before depicting them in your tattoo. Some of the popular occult symbols are athame, the number 13, the lion eating the fish, evil eye, cloud fish, pentacle, etc. Add colors like black and red to your tattoo for more effect. Getting any of the above mentioned occult symbols in tribal pattern is a unique idea. Tribal font is broad and black, which makes it standout. You can also add these symbols with common evil symbols like the skull or ax.

This was all about evil tattoos. As you now know, evil tattoo patterns do not just symbolize evil, they can also symbolize humor...dark humor. I am sure you are intrigued by these tattoos, so without wasting any more time, rush to your nearest tattoo artist and get an evil tattoo done! Also do take proper tattoo care, or the 'darkness' of these evil tattoos might grasp you in form of a tattoo infection!

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