Monday, September 2, 2013

Choppy Hairstyles for Long Hair

Choppy hairstyles give a cool edgy look. If you are bored with your plain straight hair, then choppy hairstyles are a great way to add style to your old hair. Choppy hairstyles are not actually hairstyles, but a way of adding style similar to razor cut. Choppy hairstyles for long hair help to add volume and style to your old hair. You can cut your hair choppy on the existing base hair, or get a base haircut like layers and then cut your hair choppy. Before we start looking at the various choppy hairstyles for long hairstyles options, let us discuss how hair are cut into choppy layers.

Instead of a choppy haircut styling, the stylist will first give you a good haircut like layers or bob. Then to cut your hair choppy, the stylist will hold a hair strand at an 45 degree angle, tilt the scissor and make a cut near the hair ends. This way the stylist will cut hair choppy in a particular section of the hair, or all the hair choppy maintaining different lengths. BJustify Fully cutting hair into different length and layers your hair will get the choppy edgy hair effect. If you wish to get a sleek hairdo look, then the stylist might run a razor through various hair sections. This will remove the bulk of the hair, and give the hair soft wispy ends look.

Choppy Haircuts for Long Hair

Mentioned below are some of the base haircuts and the way the hair are cut on these popular choppy hairstyles. Make sure you describe the stylist the long choppy haircut properly, to get the desired look.

Medium Long Choppy Hairstyles:
If you hair length till or little below shoulder then try these sleek looking medium choppy haircut styles and ideas. In these hairstyles, the hair near the crown are cut into layers, with some long side bangs. Then the bottom hair are cut into long choppy layers, with the bangs cut deep choppy. Finally a razor is used to achieve the sleek hairdo look.

Choppy Side Bangs Hairstyle:
If you don't want to cut the rest of the hair choppy, then just cut the front section of your hair into side sweeping bangs. Then cut the bangs hair deep choppy and let them fall on your eyes for a sexy look. Tie your hair into a pony, to bring attention to the bangs haircut.

Choppy Layered Hairstyles for Long Hair:
If you want to go with long choppy layered hairstyles then here are some ideas. First get your long hair cut into deep layers with the hair cut choppy and flipped outwards. Then add long side sweeping bangs, make sure you don't cut your bangs choppy, or the style will look overdone.

Long Choppy Bob:
If you have a long bob hairstyle, or don't have fine straight hair, then use these ideas on choppy bob hairstyles. Get a stacked bob hairstyle, with the hair styled inwards. Then cut all the hair choppy, including blunt side bangs also cut choppy.

Choppy Asymmetrical Hairstyle:
Here is are ideas on unusual choppy hairstyles with bangs for long hair for you to try out. Trim the hair ends, so that the hair ends look blunt. Then cut the front section of your hair into asymmetrical bangs, and cut these bangs choppy.

Long Scene Hairstyles:
Scene hair are always cut very choppy, and popular among many teens. If you wish to cut your hair into a long scene hairstyle, you will need to cut your hair into layers and the front sections into blunt long or side long bangs which are cut choppy. The front section also needs to be styled to look puffed.

These were the various choppy hairstyles ideas for long hair. To maintain your hairstyles you will need to visit the stylist every 6-8 weeks, depending on your hair growth. If you wish to add to your choppy hairstyle, consider getting some bright colored chunky hair highlights, or get some subtle hair color streaks.

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